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Creating a Pinterest resume and portfolio can increase your online presence—especially if you're entering a creative or visual field.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social network that lets you create boards (blank pages) to which you can "pin" images from around the Web. Many people use this network to keep track of decorating ideas, wedding planning and, increasingly, creative work.

Getting started

Here are some smart ideas for using Pinterest as a career-building tool:

  • Keep your bio short, simple and professional.
  • Create pin boards to showcase your resume and your creative work. You can pin employer logos, school logos, award images and more.
  • Use pin boards to show your personality. If you're a designer, for example, having a pin board that showcases other designs you like can help demonstrate your aesthetic and aspirations.
  • Pay attention to copyrights. With Pinterest, you're responsible for what you pin. If you're picking images from a site on which there isn't a "pin this" button, check with the image owner to get permission to use the images.

Pinterest resources

Still need some help getting started? Learn more about using Pinterest as a job-search and branding tool