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Career Advisors are one of the many ways that [email protected] supports students and alumni through their professional development. Many advisors are trained in higher education counseling and psychology while others used to work as recruiters for a variety of fields. Our advisors all have the ability to help students with general career readiness, but we know that you have special needs and so do they.

Every advisor is assigned to particular fields of study to best help you navigate your career development. We have advisors trained to support students and alumni of color, veterans, students with disabilities and LGBTQI students and alumni. Additionally, we have alumni career advisors who work with our graduates who are more than one year out of school. 

To learn more about career communities and connect with the right advisor, check out There you'll find each career community along with the advisor and employer relations staff assigned to the group. 

Advisors are available to meet one-on-one with students, but they also host events for the academic and career programs that they lead. Keep your eyes open for emails and special events tailored to fit your needs.

One-on-One advising and appointment scheduling

One-on-one advising or coaching is offered by every career center on campus, however, this is just one component of career preparation. Career advisors can help you get started, get unstuck or identify new paths and ideas to explore as you carve your own career path. Some students find all they need to learn through workshops and online resources, but we welcome individual appointments as a more personalized way to identifying and achieving goals. 

Most students can schedule appointments with career advisors through Pioneer Careers, however the Sturm College of Law uses a different system. Contact [email protected] for more information.