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DU Career Services

Degree Programs

Colorado Women's College

In collaboration with the University Career Center, Colorado Women's College provides a wide selection of career development resources to support its students' success.

Programs and services include:

  • A variety of workshops designed to build confidence and prepare students for the job search and workforce.
  • Leadership Salons where students can hear women leaders speak on key issues and network with other students, alumni and professionals.
  • Individual career counseling with a highly experienced career counselor.

Featured Career Program: City Ventures

City Ventures offers students an opportunity to learn and develop the skills to successfully engage in career development and planning. Students will learn resume development, networking, job application and interviewing skills, as well as the requisites for applying to graduate school.

Students will learn successful job search strategies, business research techniques, and analyze for-profit and not-for-profit organizations through research and on-site company visits to gain a better understanding of various career industries and first-hand knowledge for making career choices. Students will create a resume, conduct a job search, and participate in a mock interview.

To be accomplished during this course:

  • Two days of site visits to outstanding Colorado for-profit and nonprofit organizations.
  • An individual 5-page pre site visit research paper.
  • A professional resume.
  • The development of job interviewing skills.
  • An individual three page reflection paper post site visit.
  • Reading and detailed in class discussions of timely topical assigned articles.


Students will visit eight outstanding organizations in the Denver metro area. Students will research the business and structural operations of organizations as well as the backgrounds of the individuals with whom they will be meeting.

During the site visits, students will be expected to engage in an informed dialogue based on their research of each organization's representatives. Students should expect to learn what qualifications and attributes are most valued by the hiring decision makers in each organization, and why those attributes are important to success in a specific profession, field or sector.

The student will be expected to be able to articulate the factors which contribute to the organization's high performance and community recognition.