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Program Roles

CCESL program participants and affiliates interact with community-engagement at DU in a number of different ways. At CCESL we work alongside students, faculty, and staff to provide opportunities to integrate community-engaged methods into academic work, build capacity for community engagement on campus, mentor others in developing community-engaged skills and more. CCESL aligns roles across our programs as follows. 


CCESL Scholars actively use community engagement in their academic work, research, creative work, teaching, and learning. CCESL Scholars include:


CCESL Fellows build capacity for community engagement on campus and with the community. CCESL Fellows include:


CCESL Mentors work with others in developing and growing their community-engaged skills. CCESL Mentors include:


CCESL Champions apply community-engaged principles to service work. CCESL Champions include:


CCESL funds community-engaged research and creative work. CCESL Awardees have received funding for their work, which is often conducted in their home departments or within the community. CCESL has a number of faculty, staff, and student Awardees through the following funding mechanisms:


Last updated: 8/14/19