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Community-Engaged Learning

Instructor Funding for Community-Engaged Learning


CCESL offers DU faculty a variety of ways to get involved with community-engaged learning including:

  • Mini-Grants
  • Service Learning Scholars
  • Engaged Practitioner
  • Public Good Associates

Community-Engaged Learning Mini-Grants

Community-Engaged Learning Mini-grants are available to support opportunities for implementation of service learning projects, development of community-engaged courses/activities or instructor communities (e.g., bringing together instructors who teach similar courses to develop collaborative ideas for community-engaged activities), and professional development (e.g., conference presentations for scholarship of teaching and learning). This funding mechanism is designed to allow instructors to be innovative in developing and promoting their community-engaged learning work. Applications for Mini-grants are reviewed on a rolling basis.

2017-2018 Community Engaged Learning Mini-Grant Application (PDF)

Service Learning Scholars

The Service Learning (SL) Scholars Program is for instructors who are new to service learning. The training is geared towards appointed faculty (Tenure Track, Teaching, Clinical, and Visiting); however, a small number of seats may be reserved for Graduate Student PhD Candidates, Postdoctoral Fellows, or Adjunct Faculty.

Participants will attend a 2-day workshop (November 29-30, 2017) and are expected to teach a service learning course in the academic year following this training. Appointed faculty are eligible to receive up to a $750 stipend for attending the 2-day training, $125 for attending a follow-up meeting in Spring Quarter, and a $125 stipend when they submit a syllabus from their newly developed (or revised) service learning course after teaching the course at least once.

This year's Service Learning Scholars Workshop has passed. If you are interested in attending the 2018-2019 workshop, please email and we will notify you when the application becomes available. 

Engaged Practitioner

2017-2018 Engaged Practitioners will participate in the Collective Impact Summit with Dr. Bill Fulton on April 5, from 12:00-3:00pm in Craig Hall Community Room as well as a follow-up session later in Spring Quarter. Bill Fulton, a national expert in collective impact, will help us develop and refine collective impact approaches to maximize opportunities for collaboration and application of faculty scholarship and teaching to the public good.

Faculty interested in integrating collective impact concepts into their community-engaged teaching can apply for the Engaged Practitioner program through the Summit registration link. Faculty selected for the Engaged Practitioner program will receive $125 for attending the Summit and $75 for participating in a follow-up session.

public good Associates

Instructors who have participated in the Service Learning Scholars/Engaged Faculty Institute program and/or who have experience implementing community-engaged learning classes are eligible for the Public Good Associate (PGA) Program. Students who have previously taken service learning classes receive training to become PGAs. PGAs then work with faculty to support the implementation of the service learning components of classes. Requests for PGAs are reviewed on a rolling basis until all placements have been made.

For more information, please see our Public Good Associates page, or contact Cara DiEnno at