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Public Good Newsletters

September 2020 Public Good Impact

  • Galvanizing Tomorrow's Civic Leaders: The Intersection Between Voting and Food and Housing Insecurity
  • Bridging Learning and Doing: Updates on Antiracism and Anit-Oppression Reviews at CCESL
  • Connecting Change-Makers: Community Engagement During a Pandemic
  • Investing in Discovery: Why Activity Insight Matters to CCESL

August 2020 Public Good Impact

  • Connecting Change-Makers: The ABC(D)'s of Community Engagement
  • Investing in Discovery: Our Diverse America
  • Connecting Change-Makers: Story Mapping Nature with Youth in Boulder County

July 2020 Public Good Impact

  • Transforming Community Engagement
  • Tackling Grand Challenges: Wrapping Up A Community Table
  • Galvanizing Tomorrow's Civic Leaders: Reflection From a Recent Puksta Graduate

June 2020 Public Good Impact

  • Tackling Grand Challenges: A Window into Three A Community Table Conversations
  • Galvanizing Tomorrow's Civic Leaders: 2020 Virtual Puksta Passage

May 2020 Public Good Impact

  • Tackling Grand Challenges: An Open A Community Table Imagining a Just and Sustainable Future
  • Tackling Grand Challenges: Advancing a Community Solution for Homelessness During COVID-19
  • Galvanizing Tomorrow's Civic Leaders: Day of Action Virtual College Access Panel Discussions

April 2020 Public Good Impact

  • Tackling Grand Challenges: The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations Invest in DU Grand Challenges
  • Tackling Grand Challenges: Building Connections Through A (Virtual) Community Table
  • Galvanizing Tomorrow's Civic Leaders: Puksta Winter Retreat 2020

March 2020 Public Good Impact

  • Tackling Grand Challenges: Why Does A Community Table Feedback Matter?
  • Tackling Grand Challenges: 2018-2019 A Community Table Outcomes

February 2020 Public Good Impact

  • Connecting Change-Makers: Engaging the Marginalized in Colorado
  • Investing in Discovery: Partnering with Community Navigators on Cultural Sharing Conversations
  • Galvanizing Tomorrow's Civic Leaders: Denver's MLK Marade

January 2020 Public Good Impact

  • Connecting Change-Makers: DU Faculty, Staff, and Students Share Out Their Community Engaged Work
  • Investing in Discovery: Evaluating the Efficacy of the Digital Badge Program
  • Bridging Learning and Doing: The Inclusive Global Leadership Initiative

October 2019 Public Good Impact

  • Investing In Discovery: Creative Youth Voice Project with GrowHaus
  • Tackling Grand Challenges: Mobility in an Urban Setting
  • Bridging Learning and Doing: Psychology Project
  • Tacking Grand Challenges: Networking Through DU XNET

September 2019 Public Good Impact

  • Tackling Grand Challenges: Exploring Goals and Aspirations in Sun Valley
  • Bridging Learning and Doing: University of Denver Nature Challenge
  • Tackling Grand Challenges: Advancing Community Engagement- Growing Together

August 2019 Public Good Impact 

  • Investing in Discovery: Health Professions Highway, Building on Success
  • Bridging Learning and Doing: Psychology Academy for Scholarly Success Helps Students Navigate Psychology Training Pipeline
  • Tackling Grand Challenges: Growing Community Through Art Projects at the Bridge Community Garden

July 2019 Public Good Impact

  • Connecting Change-Makers: Community-Engaged Fellows Launch New Blog
  • Bridging Learning and Doing: DU Prison Arts Initiative Family Reunification Events
  • Tackling Grand Challenges: Undergraduates Assist with Seedlings© Curriculum Research

June 2019 Public Good Impact

  • Tackling Grand Challenges: Expanding Literacy With Community Partners
  • Galvanizing Tomorrow's Civic Leaders: Celebrating Puksta Scholars
  • Connecting Change-Makers: Community Building Through Storytelling
  • Tackling Grand Challenges: Community Soccer Camp Explores College Access

April 2019 Public Good Impact

  • Investing in Discovery: DU Selected for Inaugural Public Good Humanities Research Grant
  • Tackling Grand Challenges: Collective Impact Cohorts Moving into Action
  • Tackling Grand Challenges: 'A Community Table' - Brainstorming through the Storm
  • Bridging Learning and Doing: Running Towards Community Change

March 2019 Public Good Impact

  • Tackling Grand Challenges: Host a Conversation at the Second 'A Community Table'
  • Tackling Grand Challenges: A Project on Light Analysis for a Brighter Future
  • Galvanizing Tomorrow's Civic Leaders: Puksta Retreat

February 2019 Public Good Impact

  • Tacking Grand Challenges: Forums to Seed Dialogue and Innovation
  • Investing in Discovery: Art Restart, A Story of Engagement and Empowerment
  • Galvanizing Tomorrow's Civic Leaders: Marching in the MLK Marade Together
  • Bridging Learning and Doing: Psychology Students Create Learning Materials for Children with Autism

January 2018 Public Good Impact

  • Tackling Grand Challenges: Announcing Collective Impact Cohorts
  • Galvanizing Tomorrow's Civic Leaders: Newman Civic Fellow Reflects on the Year
  • Connecting Change-Makers: New Scholar Shop Website Highlights DU and Community Collaborations
  • Tackling Grand Challenges: A Community Table Award Sends Students to Young AmeriTown

November 2018 Public Good Impact

  • Bridging Learning and Doing: Community Organizing Institute
  • Connecting Change Makers: Soufra Film Screening
  • Galvanizing Tomorrow's Civic Leaders: Public Achievement Retreat

October 2018 Public Good Impact

  • Galvanizing Tomorrow's Civic Leaders: Fall Puksta Retreat
  • Tackling Grand Challenges: Year Two Kick Off
  • Investing in Discovery: Geography Students Travel to South Africa

September 2018 Public Good Impact

  • Tackling Grand Challenges: A Look Ahead
  • Investing in Discovery: DU Amache Project
  • Connecting Change Makers: Ninth Grade Academy
  • Galvanizing Tomorrow's Civic Leaders: Amplifying Youth Voice

July 2018 Public Good Impact

  • Bridging Learning and Doing: Colectivo
  • Galvanizing Tomorrow's Civic Leaders: A Community Engaged Fellow in Action
  • Tackling Grand Challenges: Action to Improve Daily Living

June 2018 Public Good Impact

  • Photovoice Project Shines Spotlight on Federal Boulevard
  • A Successful Second Year at the Korbel Asylum Project
  • Annual DU Puksta Passage Celebrates Graduating Seniors, New Scholars & Larger Puksta Community

Spring 2018 Public Good Impact Newsletter (PDF)

  • A Community Table Draws Diverse Voices to Conversations about Improving Daily Living
  • National Expert, Bill Fulton, Joins CCESL for the Collective Impact Sumit
  • Mini Grant Supports A Student Studying Healthy Aging
  • CCESL Welcomes Kathleen Ferrick, Program Coordinator
  • Colorado Black Health Collaborative Hightlighted at Community Spotlight
  • DU Grand Challenges Program Update
  • CCESL Staff Spotlight
  • Drumming Out Stress with a DU Grand Challenges Class Grant
  • Colorado Public Achievement Conference (COPACON) Brings Students Together
  • CCESL's Scholar Shop working with Denver's Chinook Fund
  • CCESL Participates in the Diversity Summit

Winter 2018 Public Good Impact Newsletter (PDF)

  • Mini Grant Helps Denver Law Students Empower Youth
  • CCESL Welcomes Vickie Berkley, DU Grand Challenges Program Manager
  • DU Grand Challenges Program Update
  • Apply for Public Good Funding
  • 2017 Newman Civic Fellows Conference
  • MLK Marade with DU Public Achievement
  • Public Achievement Heads to the Mountains
  • A Belated Introduction to Puksta Scholar Margarita Soltero-Gutierrez
  • Puksta Scholar Attends 2017 NACEP National Conference in Washington DC
  • Service Learning Scholars Workshop Brings Together Faculty from Across Campus to Create and Innovate
  • Conspire to Organize in a Polarized Era: 2017 Community Organizing Institute
  • Updates from DU Service & Change
  • PC's for People Joins CCESL for a Community Spotlight
  • Reflections on a Wintery Puksta Retreat
  • Alumni Corner: Neda Kikhia

Fall 2017 Public Good Impact Newsletter (PDF)

  • Public Good Grant: Increasining Leadership and Decision- Making Opportunities Among Youth
  • Bridging Passion and Purpose: Student Creates Soccer Camp
  • Mentoring Youth Through Media
  • CCESL Welcomes Alicia Saxe, Graduate Assistant & Public Achievement Program Coordinator
  • Students Use Craft as a Vehicle for Community Engagement
  • Welcoming Ninth Grade Students Through Patriot Games
  • Photography Brings Teen Voices Front and Center
  • Angela Cobián to Return as Keynote Speaker at the Community Organizing Institute
  • DU Grand Challenges Officially Launching October 2nd
  • Women's Professional Alliance Presents: Leveraging Professional and
  • Community Organizations
  • Welcome to the 2017-2018 PA Team Leads
  • Alumni corner: Ashley Edinger

Summer 2017 Public Good Impact Newsletter

  • Political Inquiry Students Give Voice to the Formally Incarcerated through Research
  • Fostering Collaboration to Overcome Health Disparities, DU Welcomes Expert on Health Equity
  • At-Risk Middle Schoolers Shine at DU Theatre Department Drama Camp
  • A Successful First Year for the Korbel Asylum Project
  • Public Achievement: Looking Back on the Year
  • DU Puksta Scholars Program Welcomes Incoming Students
  • Graduating Puksta Scholars Share "Words of Wisdom" at Annual Puksta Passage
  • DU & Denver Partnering on Smart City Innovations
  • Public Good Project Seeks to Create a Culturally Diverse Pipeline of Healthcare Professionals
  • DUSC Springs into Service
  • Undergraduates Impress with Research and Scholarship
  • PA Students Share their Public Work Projects at Project Unveiling
  • Get Engaged! Public Good Associates & The Scholar Shop
  • Alumni Corner: Aly Higgins

Spring 2017 Public Good Impact Newsletter (PDF)

  • Varied Teaching Methodologies Inspire Students Learning About the Chicano Movement
  • Bridging the Criminal Justice System Gap
  • Interterm Class Brings Tangible Connections to Course Readings
  • Building the World as It Should Be
  • Sharing Insights from the Community-Engaged Fellows Program
  • Graduating Puksta Scholars Reflect on the Last Four Years
  • Work on Purpose: Exploring Work and Lives with Meaning
  • Using Research to Inform Public Policy
  • Breakfast! Debates! Tutoring! Books! Oh me, oh my!
  • Internship Sheds Light on Service Learning Concepts
  • Museum Exhibition Highlights the Many Voices of Denver
  • Colorado Public Achievement Programs Come Together
  • Community Engagement Corps: An Interview with Madison Alder
  • Roll Out the Red Carpet: Congrats to All CCESL-Affiliated Awardees! 

Winter 2017 Public Good Impact Newsletter (PDF)

  • CCESL -Supported Workshop on Engaging Islamophobia Brings Together University, Community Stakeholders
  • The Act of Writing is an Assertion of Human Rights
  • Poems and Battle Cries from the Windy City
  • Faculty Video Highlights Service Learning
  • Service Learning Scholars Training Offers Alternative Pedagogy
  • The 2016 Newman Civic Fellows Convening
  • CCESL Leads Workshops at University Events
  • MLK Marade: March for What You Believe In
  • A Belated Introduction: PA Team Lead Alex Littleton
  • Working with Kids to Gain Confidence in Themselves
  • DU Students Cast Ballots on Election Day
  • PA Summit Gives High School Students a Taste of College Life
  • DU Service & Change: Winter Quarter Updates
  • Puksta Winter Retreat Recap

Fall 2016 Public Good Impact Newsletter (PDF)

  • Reducing Disparities in Unmet Mental Health Need for Latino Youths
  • Launching the Community-Engaged Fellows Program
  • Finding Academic & Personal Connections Through Service Learning
  • Struggle with Love: 2016 Community Organizing Institute
  • Faculty Research Explores Wage Theft of Day Laborers
  • Sharing Stories of Community Engagement at the 2016 Open House
  • Mini-Grant Helps First-Year Law Students Contribute to the Public Good
  • DU Service & Change: Kicking Off the Year with Carnivals and Trail Work
  • Public Achievement Kickoff: 9th Grade Academy
  • Welcome to the 2016-2017 PA Team Leads
  • Flint, Steel, and Public Achievement
  • CO Puksta Scholars Gather for Annual Retreat
  • Sparking Success in Local Communities
  • International Day of Peace
  • Gearing up for November: National Voter Registration Day
  • Alumni Corner: Emily Arasim

Summer 2016 Public Good Impact Newsletter (PDF)

  • Service Learning: Connecting Theory and Praxis
  • Impact of Service Learning on Those Who Teach
  • Bridging Borders: Community-Engaged Cookbook Project
  • Public Achievement: Year in Review
  • Recent Grads, Puksta Scholars Reflect on Their Experiences
  • Puksta Scholars Program Welcomes Incoming Students
  • Grit and Grins at Denver Green School
  • Textbook Translation Project Supports Latin American Students
  • Undergraduate Student Reflections on Presenting Community-Based Research
  • DU Public Good in the Media
  • DUSC: Spring Into Service
  • Undergraduate Student Research Highlighted at Spring Symposium
  • STEM Education Meets Community Engagement
  • Alumni Corner: Emily Thomas

Spring 2016 Public Good Impact Newsletter (PDF)

  • Puksta Scholars Convene in Denver
  • Announcing the 2016 Public Good Fund Recipients
  • My Puksta Project: Haseeb Rahat
  • WRIT Engagement Corps Expands Membership and Outreach
  • DU Service & Change: Serving During the Short Winter Quarter
  • Ciera Blehm Named Newman Civic Fellow
  • SLA Profile: DaMon Mosley
  • Community-Engaged Researchers Featured at Founders Forum
  • Transforming Passion into Purpose
  • CCESL Student's Artwork Featured in Social Justice Exhibit
  • PA Summit Brings More Than 250 High School Students to DU
  • Community Engagement Corps: Working with Health Leadership
  • Alumni Corner: Felipe Vieyra

Winter 2016 Public Good Impact Newsletter (PDF)

  • CCESL Represents at the 2016 Diversity Summit
  • Champions of Change
  • The HeART of Helping Families Heal Following the Death of a Baby
  • My Puksta Project: Black Males in Higher Education
  • Neda Kikhia Named Student Leader of the Year
  • Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Brings Community to Campus
  • SLA Profile: A Dedication to the Public Good
  • Keeping Engaged in Fall Quarter with DU Service & Change
  • Public Achievement Joins Marade to Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Alumni Corner: Sean Davis, Class of 2013

Fall 2015 Public Good Impact Newsletter (PDF)

  • #LiveFree: Tierra, Techo, y Trabajo (Community Organizing Institute)
  • First-year Students Engage in FSEM Destination Trip Service Projects
  • Getting Engaged Through Impact Denver
  • CCESL Celebrates the Inauguration of Chancellor Chopp
  • Fall Quarter - Carnival Games and Beautiful Outdoor Service
  • Fostering Communities of Memory: The DU Amache Project 2014-2015
  • Meet the Public Achievement Graduate Team Leads

Summer 2015 Public Good Impact Newsletter (PDF)

  • DU Undergrads Combine Classroom Skills and Community-based Research
  • Third Annual Day of Action
  • DU Public Achievement Summit
  • CCESL Students Present at the Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • DU Puksta Scholars Program Welcomes Incoming Students
  • 2014-2015 Kimmy Foundation Award Winners
  • Save the Dates! Open House + Community Organizing Institute
  • Director’s Notes: Updated Faculty Development Opportunities + Meet Our New Staff Member

Spring 2015 Public Good Newsletter (PDF)

  • Impact: Measuring Benefits and Costs to Community Partners
  • First Annual Work on Purpose Event
  • Keeping Warm with DUSC Service: Winter Quarter 2015
  • Documenting Critical Family-School Partnering Strategies with Refugee Parents
  • Senior Puksta Scholar Spotlight: Fatima Rezaie
  • Interested in Developing a Collaborative Research Project?
  • DU Hosts 4th Annual Public Achievement Conference
  • My Americorps Experience: Jimmi Frausto
  • DU AmeriCorps Member Wins Third Place 2015 Service in Action
  • Filling in the Gaps: The Life of a Service Learning Associate
  • Public Good Grant Supports Humanity, Hope & Hospitality
  • CCESL Students Featured On campus and in the Community
  • Public Good Grant Assist Collecting AAPI Refugee Stories
  • Alumna Pursues Passion for Food Justice with Denver Nonprofit
  • 2015 CCESL’s Departmental Award Winners
  • Community service Impacts Colorado Economy, leads to employment opportunities for University of Denver students
  • CCESL Co-Hosts Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • Community Spotlight Series: The Eating Disorder Foundation
  • 3rd Annual Day of Action at DU 

Winter 2015 Public Good Newsletter (PDF)

  • CCESL Hosts 2014 COI
  • Psychology Professor Bring Vision Science to School Children
  • Serving Through Visions of Change
  • Documenting Critical Family-School Partnering Strategies with Refugee Parents
  • Interested in Developing a Collaborative Research Project
  • Colorado Rural Physicians and Retention
  • Cultural Competence in Behavioral Health Services Through Community Engagement
  • Unnoticed Feminism: A View from Mozambique
  • CCESL Students in the News
  • Indigenous Youth RISE UP
  • Mini-Grant Connects Psychology Students as Cross Cultural Coaches to South High Refugee Youth
  • DU Named to 2014 President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll
  • My AmeriCorps Experience
  • DU Students Register to Vote
  • Public Good Fund Update
  • Public Good Request for Proposals
  • Community Engagement Spotlight: Lexie Hermosura
  • 2014-2015 Service Learning Scholars
  • Puksta Scholar Spotlight: Ian Parker, Senior
  • New Minor in Intercultural Global Studies
  • Mini-Grant and Immigrant and Refugee Communities
  • CCESL Events

Fall 2014 Public Good Newsletter (PDF)

  • DUSC Launches Another Year of Service Opportunities 
  • First-Year Students Participate in FSEM Destination Trip Service Projects              
  • DU Puksta Scholars Program Welcomes Incoming Students         
  • Mini-Grant Helps Connect Students with Practitioners and Elevate Public Interest and Social Justice Law               
  • CCESL Publishes New and Improved 3rd Edition Community Organizing Handbook           
  • Alumni Corner: Nyabweza Itaggi, Class of 2014  
  • A Warm Welcome to This Year’s Public Achievement Team Leads!           
  • Public Good Scholar Works with Urban Peak to Address Homeless Teens             
  • CCESL Unveils Main Office Transformation
  • CCESL Director Joins Vice President Biden on Panel on Issues of Domestic Violence
  • CCESL Hosts Annual Open House
  • Barbara Holland Official Flyer     

Summer 2014 Public Good Newsletter (PDF) 

  • University of Denver Magazine Features AmeriCorps Student Jennifer Paz
  • Humanitarian Assistance Applied Research Group (HAARG)
  • Puksta Scholar Highlighted in DU Clarion's "Senior Profile"
  • Public Good Grant Helps Bereaved Parents with "The Scraps of the Heart Project"
  • Public Good Associate Reaches Afghan Students Through Global Text Project
  • DUSC's Meaningful Conversations and Inclusive Service in Spring Quarter
  • Congratulations to the 2014 CCESL Departmental Award Winners!
  • Puksta: Much More than Just a Scholars Program
  • Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners in the Classroom
  • Alumni Corner: Stephanie Tran
  • "Annual Diversity Summit includes Day of Action for school children" Featured in University of Denver Magazine
  • PG Grant Supports Textbook Translation Project in Support of University Students in Developing Economies
  • DU is Ranked Among Top 25 Universities for Non-Profit and Community Service Ranked by Return
  • Public Good Grant: Improving Access to Effective Treatment for Adolescent Depression
  • DU Highlighted in the Washington Post for Focus on Service
  • AmeriCorps Celebration
  • CCESL Is Hiring!

Spring 2014 Public Good Newsletter (PDF)

  • PA Program Sponsors "Week without Walls" for Local High School Students
  • DUSC Stays Warm and Busy During Winter Quarter
  • Taking Theories of Community Engagement out of Classroom & Into Community
  • Public Achievement and Strive Prep-Smart Academy and South High School Team Up for PA Summit
  • PG Scholar Creates a Public Web-Based Geographic Information System to Support Communal Decision Making Along Nicaragua's Pacific Coast
  • DU AmeriCorps Spotlight: Corey Klein
  • CCESL Puksta Scholar Awarded 2014 Newman Civic Fellows Award
  • DU AmeriCorps Spotlight: Dan Fliegelman
  • And the Award Goes To...
  • Foothills Visual and Textual Magazine Offers a Platform for Creativity to Thrive
  • The Road to College as a Puksta Scholar
  • Public Good Scholars Work Continues to Gain Momentum Through Short Video
  • CCESL Community Spotlight: Tony Grampsas Youth Service Program
  • 2014 CCESL Award Winners

Winter 2014 Public Good Newsletter (PDF)

  • Pukstas Increase Skills and Build Community at 2014 Puksta Intercollegiate Retreat.
  • DUSC Gains Momentum during Fall Quarter
  • PG Scholar Evaluates Residential Treatment and Adoption: The Adoptive Parent Perspective
  • CCESL Staff Present at 17th Annual Continuums of Service Conference, Civic Engagement: Bridging Gaps in Education
  • CCESL students Honor MLK during the MLK Day Marade in Denver
  • Diving Deeper into Service Learning and Community Based Research
  • Public Good Cultivates Student Engagement in Campus-Community Garden
  • Community Engagement Corps gets involved in the Denver community
  • Now Accepting Kimmy Foundation Community Service Professional Award Applications
  • PG Scholar Strengthens Networks of Refugee and Immigrant Service Providers
  • Public Good Request for Proposals
  • Public Good Scholar Evaluates Gateway Program at Red Rocks Community College
  • Let's Go to Bosnia!
  • DU AmeriCorps Member Spotlight
  • Instructors Build Service Learning Skills: Another Successful SL Training

Fall 2013 Public Good Newsletter (PDF)

  • CCESL Hosts Annual Community Organizing Institute
  • CCESL Welcomes Three New Puksta Scholars
  • Public Good Scholar Develops After School Multimedia Center at South High School
  • The DU Amache Project Establishes Wide Reaching Service Learning Opportunities
  • Public Achievement Coach Delivers Oral Arguments at U.S. Court of Appeals
  • Environmental Advocacy and Service Learning Go Hand in Hand
  • DU Something! Volunteer
  • PG Scholar produces video About DU Human Capital Students and African Refugees
  • 2014 Annual National Service Learning Conference
  • Choosing Excellence: Let All Children Bloom
  • DU AmeriCorps Welcomes New Program Coordinator
  • Public Good Scholar Featured in Campus Compact Spotlight on Engagement
  • CCESL Hosts Successful Open House
  • Get Involved Through Science Shop

 Summer 2013 Public Good Newsletter (PDF)

  • PA Summit Celebrates Student Accomplishments
  • PA Students Reflect on Impact of the PA Conference
  • Colorado Coalition for Girls Annual Conference: DU Students Make a Difference
  • Religious Studies Grant Writing Course Partners Students with Local Non-Profits
  • Collaboration & Publication at DU Community Writing Center at Saint Francis
  • DU AmeriCorps Professional Development Scholarships Provide Additional Value Added
  • Save the Date – Community Organizing Institute
  • DUSC Engage in Diversity Summit Day of Action
  • Save the Date – CCESL Open House
  • CCESL Graduates First Science Shop Honors Project
  • DU AmeriCorps Member Spotlight
  • DU Service & Change End of Year Recap
  • With Food and Justice for All
  • Up and Coming DU Social Justice Forum
  • Public Good Request for Proposals

 Spring 2013 Public Good Newsletter (PDF)

  • CCESL Launches New Website!
  • DU Named to Community Service Honor Roll
  • Two Faculty Featured in Honor Roll
  • DU Puksta Scholars Participate in Intercollegiate Retreat
  • Congratulations to 2013 CCESL Award Winners
  • COMN 3900 Partners with Chinese Children Adoption International
  • PG Scholar Connects DU and Adolescent Black Girls
  • Congratulations to First Kimmy Foundation Award Winner
  • From Books to Booked: A Service Learning Study
  • DU AmeriCorps Member Spotlight11th Annual Puksta Passage
  • PG Fund: Low-Cost Evaluations for Learning Disorders2013 Pedagogy of Privilege Conference
  • Congratulations to Spring PG Fund Awardees
  • DUSC Honors the Legacy of Dr. MLK
  • Puksta Builds Community with LLC Students
  • DUSC & Bridge Project Youth Engage in Mural Painting
  • Cultural Perceptions of International NGOs in Mozambique

Winter 2013 Public Good Newsletter (PDF)

  • Director's Notes
  • Fall Community Organizing Institute a Success
  • New "Science Shop" Initiative for Students
  • Clarion Promotes MLK Day Volunteer Efforts of DUSC
  • School Finance on the Brain
  • Public Good Request for Proposals
  • Students Participate in Democracy
  • PA Brings High School Students to Denver's MLK Marade
  • DU AmeriCorps Member Spotlight
  • National AmeriCorps Week: March 9-17, 2013
  • AmeriCorps for Coffee and Catch-Up Every Wednesday
  • Scholarship of Engagement for Early Career Faculty
  • DU Service and Change Fall Quarter 2012 Update
  • Public Good Associate Featured in Huffington Post
  • Community Engaged Learning Mini Grant Supports Social Change
  • National Service Learning Conference Coming to Denver
  • CCESL Workshops at the National Service Learning Conference
  • Service Learning Associates Have an Impact
  • Instructors Build Service Learning Skills
  • Bosnia Herzegovina International Service Learning
  • Program Did You Know?
  • Staff Updates

Fall 2012 Public Good Newsletter (PDF)

  • Director's Note
  • New Public Achievement Curriculum
  • 3rd Annual CCESL Open House
  • New Puksta Scholars
  • Interested in Tutoring or Mentoring?
  • CCESL Hosts Collaborative Dialogue
  • CCESL Grant to Expand Local Mentoring Program
  • Mini Grant Funds Geo Info Science Urban Concepts
  • CCESL Staff Member Selected as CGI Volunteer
  • AmeriCorps Opportunities for DU Students
  • CE Corps Member Elected to Student Government
  • Global Community-Engaged Learning: News from Bosnia
  • My Experience in Compact Service Corps AmeriCorps
  • CCESL Mini Grant Funds Social Research in Mozambique
  • DU Service & Change Student Organization Launches
  • Engaged Faulty Workshop: Did You Know?
  • Staff Updates: DUSC School Supply Drive

Summer 2012 Public Good Newsletter (PDF) 

  • Public Achievement Project Stories 2012
  • $100,000 in Public Good Funds Distributed to DU Faculty
  • CCESL Releases 2012-2013 Public Good RFP
  • Knoebel Hospitality Students Mentor Refugees
  • Tree Planting Project at Bluff Lake Nature Center
  • Keep Up With CCESL Using Social Media
  • Puksta Passage Celebrates 10th Anniversary
  • Doctoral Student Receives EPA Fellowship for CCESL Supported Work
  • Women's College Offers Bachelor's Degree in IT Studies
  • CCESL Pioneer Awardees
  • Service Learning in the First-Year Writing Sequence
  • CCESL Mini-Grant Funds Jamboree SCORES Event
  • Faculty Alert: Why Activity Insight Matters for CCESL
  • CCESL Faculty in the News
  • CCESL is Hiring!
  • Dr. Pernessa Seele Public Talk
  • DU Social Justice Film Event

Spring 2012 Public Good Newsletter (PDF) 

  • DU on President's Community Service Honor Role
  • CCESL Video Project
  • Kimmy Foundation Awards New Endowment to DU
  • Service Learning Webinar
  • Puksta Scholar Selected as PeaceJam Mentor
  • CO PA Coach Conference Success
  • Puksta Scholar Presents at Dyslexia Conference
  • DU's 11th Annual Diversity Summit
  • Intercultural Global Studies Minor
  • DU Professor's Work Featured in NY Times
  • Tree Planting at Bluff Lake
  • Saying Goodbye
  • Faculty Member Attends Conference with SL Mini Grant
  • Puksta Scholar Emcees at National SL Conference

Winter 2012 Public Good Newsletter (PDF) 

  • Public Good Fund Call for Proposals
  • 2011 Community Organizing Training
  • National Dialogue to Support Federal Policy Development
  • Colorado Public Achievement Coach Conference
  • Call for Puksta Scholar Applications
  • CCESL Director Awarded Scholarship of Engagement Grant
  • Institutionalization of Engaged Scholarship in CO New Staff Introductions
  • Saying Goodbye
  • Campus Partners: University Advancement
  • Community Engaged Learning Initiatives
  • AmeriCorps Grants Fund Student Opportunities
  • PA Coach Selected as Conference MC

Fall 2011 Public Good Newsletter (PDF) 

  • Community Organizing: Agitating for Social Justice and Community Engagement
  • Compact Service Corps AmeriCorps
  • Puksta Scholar Named DU Diversity Enrollment Fellow
  • Introduction to Cara DiEnno, Associate Director
  • Ten Year Anniversary of Puksta Scholars Program
  • Geography Professor and Engineering Students Cook Up Green Stove Design for Guatemala
  • Community Partner Spotlight: Convergence Project
  • DU Recognized on the 2010 President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll

Spring 2011 Public Good Newsletter (PDF) 

  • Faculty Perspective on the Service Learning Associate Program
  • Student Reflections on the SLA Program
  • Become an SLA: Call for Applications
  • Puksta Scholar Testifies for Access Bill
  • Engaged Scholars Visit DU
  • Digital Storytelling for Social Justice Screening
  • Student Voices Needed! Student Engagement Survey
  • CCESL Department Award Winners
  • AmeriCorps Students Selected for Clinton Global Initiative
  • CCESL Staff Achievements and Updates
  • Upcoming Events

Winter 2011 Public Good Newsletter (PDF) 

  • Director's Note: Anne DePrince
  • Graduate Students and Public Good Work: Anthropology
  • Community Conference: Activate2
  • Day, April 1-2, 2011
  • Public Good Fund Updates
  • Public Good RFP Winter/ Spring 2011 Now Available!
  • Impact of the Public Good Fund Ripples Out
  • Save the Date: CCESL Open House March 24, 2011
  • Service Learning Updates
  • CCESL Staff Achievements and Updates Upcoming Events

Spring 2010 Public Good Newsletter (PDF) 

  • Director's Note: Service Learning and Transition from College
  • Public Good Interview: Adreinne Russell on Public Good Research through Interviewing Activist Media Groups
  • Public Good Student Project of the Quarter: Russell Takeall and the Social Identity Collective
  • Service Learning Course Spotlight: Lelah Mehran and Chris Coleman from the Departments of Art, Art History, Media, and Journalism Studies Team Teach Three Community Engaged Learning Courses
  • Community Learning Opportunities for DU Faculty
  • Teaching a Service Learning Course? Ask about the SLA program
  • Support Student Community Based Research and Public Work

Winter 2010 Public Good Newsletter (PDF) 

  • Director's Note: Opportunities for Social Justice
  • Public Good Interview: Eugene Walls on the Colorado Anti-Violence Project
  • Public Good Student Project of the Quarter: Teresa Dokey Educating Youth about Various Cultures through Foreign Film
  • Service Learning Course Spotlight: David Ciepley "Living off the Grid"
  • Service Learning Associates (SLA) puts Students and Faculty into Working Relationships

Fall 2009 Public Good Newsletter (PDF) 

  • Director's Note: Building Things
  • Faculty Interview: Don Stedman, Professor Chemistry and Biology on Air Pollution
  • Public Good Student Project of the Quarter: Ben Waldman Creates a Sustainable Campus-Community Garden
  • Service Learning Course Spotlight: Hava Gordon, "Youth Cultures: Inequality, Resistance and Empowerment"

Spring 2009 Public Good Newsletter (PDF) 

  • Director's Note: What is a Civic Professional?
  • Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Bonnie Clark Works with Students and the Local Community on Anthropology Research at the WWII Amache Relocation Camp in Granada, CO
  • Service Learning Suite of Opportunities for Faculty Members in 2009-2010; Conference Announcements

Winter 2009 Public Good Newsletter (PDF) 

  • Director's Note: New CCESL Visual Identity a Message of Passion and Focus
  • Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Anne DePrince's Student Learn Psychology Research Methods by Using Them in a Community Setting to Address the Needs of Community Partners
  • 2009 Public Good Fund Recipients Announced
  • Public Good Fellows Program Seeking Applicants
  • Morgridge Family Foundation Funds New Student Civic Engagement Programs
  • Join Us on a CCESL Volunteer Service Day Conference Announcements

Fall 2008 Public Good Newsletter (PDF) 

  • Director's Note: How Do We Engage With Public Outside the University?
  • Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Tom Knecht's Students Learn about American Public Opinion by Designing and Implementing Surveys that Address Community Partner Needs
  • Announcements: 2008-2009 Public Good Fund Request for Proposals and Public Good Fellows

Spring 2008 Public Good Newsletter (PDF) 

  • Director's Note: Public Good Newsletter Addresses Faculty Interest in Community-Based Learning and Public Good Scholarship
  • Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Kate Willink's Graduate Course on Immigration and Intercultural Communication Uses Community-Based Research to Start Dialogue around Resistance and Support for the El Centro Humanitario Community Center in Aurora
  • Announcements: Public Good Celebration, Public Good Lecture, Public Good Fund Proposal Prep Session, and Service Learning Pods