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Faculty Scholars: Community-Engaged Teaching

Faculty Scholars: Community-Engaged Teaching

The CCESL Faculty Scholars: Community-Engaged Teaching program is for instructors who are new to community-engaged learning. The training is geared towards appointed faculty (Tenure Track, Teaching, Clinical, and Visiting); however, a small number of seats may be reserved for Graduate Student PhD Candidates, Postdoctoral Fellows, or Adjunct Faculty.

Participants will attend a 2-day workshop on December 3-4, 2019. Appointed faculty are eligible to receive up to a $750 stipend for attending the 2-day training, $125 for attending a follow-up meeting in Spring Quarter, and a $125 stipend when they submit a syllabus from their newly developed (or revised) community-engaged learning course after teaching the course at least once.

2019-2020 Application

The 2019-2020 application is available here.

This year's CCESL Faculty Scholars: Community-Engaged Teaching Workshop is scheduled for December 3 and 4. If you are interested in attending the 2019-2020 workshop, please email a completed application to with CEL SCHOLARS in the subject line.


The CCESL Faculty Scholars: Community-Engaged Teaching curriculum covers the following topics:

  • Defining Community-Engaged Learning & Historical Context
  • Ways of Using Community-Engaged Learning
  • Models of Community-Engaged Learning
  • Developing Course Description, Goals, & Objectives
  • Community-Engaged Learning and DU IMPACT 2025
  • Impacts on Practitioners
  • Developing Community Partnerships
  • Developing Assignments & Grading of the Community-Engaged Learning Component
  • Connecting Community-Engaged Learning with other Pedagogies
  • Connecting Community-Engaged Learning to Campus and Higher Education Trends
  • Student Perspectives on Community-Engaged Learning
  • Critical Reflections in Community-Engaged Learning
  • Assessment of Community-Engaged Learning Courses
  • Community-Engaged Learning and Scholarship

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Last updated: 8/12/19