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Community-Engaged Teaching 101

Community-Engaged Teaching 101

Community-Engaged Teaching 101 is for instructors who are new to community-engaged teaching. Scholars will take part in training designed to increase knowledge about community-engaged pedagogy as well as prepare faculty to use best practices for community engagement in their courses. 

The training will be delivered remotely over 8 hours on June 16 and 17 (12:30-4:30 each day).

Participants are also asked to submit a syllabus from their newly developed (or revised) community-engaged course after teaching the course at least once.

Participants whose positions include teaching responsibilities* are eligible to receive:

  • $400 for attending the 8-hour workshop
  • $125 for submitting a syllabus for a newly developed (or revised) community-engaged course

*Individuals whose positions do not include teaching responsibilities may apply and will be considered as space allows. For example, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows may apply and would be prioritized if scheduled to teach a course this AY or next.

2020-2021 Application

The 2020-2021 June CET 101 application is available here.

Please email with questions.


The CCESL Community-Engaged Teaching 101 curriculum covers the following topics:

  • Defining Community-Engaged Learning & Historical Context
  • Ways of Using Community-Engaged Learning
  • Models of Community-Engaged Learning
  • Developing Course Description, Goals, & Objectives
  • Community-Engaged Learning and DU IMPACT 2025
  • Impacts on Practitioners
  • Developing Community Partnerships
  • Developing Assignments & Grading of the Community-Engaged Learning Component
  • Connecting Community-Engaged Learning with other Pedagogies
  • Connecting Community-Engaged Learning to Campus and Higher Education Trends
  • Student Perspectives on Community-Engaged Learning
  • Critical Reflections in Community-Engaged Learning
  • Assessment of Community-Engaged Learning Courses
  • Community-Engaged Learning and Scholarship

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Last updated: 5/17/21