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Connecting Change Makers

CE Fellows


The program was created to advance aspects of the Collaboration for the Public Good strategic initiative of the university's new strategic plan, IMPACT 2025. Fellows are assigned to an interdisciplinary issue area and charged with co-developing a plan to advance community-engaged work in this area in consultation with community and campus stakeholders as well as CCESL staff. The program provides opportunities for students to gain valuable experience and contribute to the University's vision of being "a great private institution dedicated to the public good" while simultaneously advancing aspects of IMPACT 2025.

what do fellows do?

Fellows work with CCESL staff as well as campus and community members to identify activities (events, programming, assessment, etc.) to advance collaboration in their issue area. Across Fellows, the work evolves differently. For example, some issue areas lend themselves to Fellows working directly with faculty clusters to advance specific community-engaged projects via research, creative work, and/or teaching and learning. Other issue areas lend themselves to Fellows working to develop campus and/or community partnerships before specific projects can be undertaken. Each fellow is responsible for convening faculty from multiple disciplines, assisting with the coordination of efforts (as when multiple DU entities are working with the same community partner), developing a tracking and reporting process, and generally managing updates and accountability for their issue area.

The goal of the fellows program is to help facilitate cross/inter-disciplinary collaborations that deepen the university's impact on some or our community's most pressing problems. Partnerships with community organizations are rooted in reciprocity and mutual benefit, and fellows will assist in determining community-identified issues and needs.

2018-2019 fellows

CCESL welcomes nine students to the program for the 2017-2018 academic year, who will document their experiences as fellows and the information they gather about DU's collective impact on their issue areas. 


  • Faculty Champion - Lynn Schofield Clark, Media, Film, & Journalism Studies, Erika Polson, Media, Film, & Journalism Studies, and Carlos Jimenez, Media, Film, & Journalism Studies

  • Fellow - Mia Edwards, Media, Film, & Journalism Studies

Gender Equity

  • Faculty Champion - Nancy Reichman, Sociology & Criminology and Colorado Women's College

  • Fellow - Ozy Aloziem, Graduate School of Social Work

Meeting Basic Needs

  • Faculty Champion - Kim Bender, Graduate School of Social Work

  • Fellow - Lauren Yehle, Political Science

Health Disparities 

  • Faculty Champion - Nancy Lorenzon, Biological Sciences and Julia Roncoroni, Counseling Psychology

  • Fellow - Mallory McCorkle, Counseling Psychology

Urban Conservation, Ecology, & Sustainability

  • Faculty Champion - Susan Daggett, Sturm College of Law, Chad King, Center for Sustainability and Becky Powell, Geography and the Environment

  • Fellow - Sam Wallace, Conflict Resolution Korbel, Corey Martz, Geography and the Environment

Built Environment

  • Faculty Champion -  Drew Mueller, Burns College of Real Estate & Construction Management and Cara DiEnno, Center for Community Engagement to advance Scholarship & Learning

  • Fellow - Lauren Collins, Higher Education



  • Faculty Champion - Joe Livingston, Korbel School of International Studies and Anthony Cherwinski, Knoebel School of Hospitality Management

  • Fellow - Adrielle Knight, Korbel School of International Studies

Writing & the Public Good

  • Faculty Champion - Daniel Singer, Writing Program

  • Fellow - Alison Turner, English

Arts & Engagement

  • Faculty Champion - Ashley Hamilton, Theater and Apryl Alexander, Graduate School of Professional Psychology

  • Fellow - Mimiko Watanabe, Graduate School of Professional Psychology

Access & Education

  • Faculty Champion - Laura Sponsler, Higher Education and Judy Kiyama, Higher Education

  • Fellow - Grace Carson, Journalism & English


Last Updated: 9/17/2018