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Work on Purpose

What is the Work on Purpose Workshop? 

Work on Purpose aims to help people uncover their own unique way to live and work for social good. Work on Purpose is a half-day workshop that culminates in developing a personal hustle statement, outlining actions one could take to move their passions forward and identifying a mentor to provide additional support.

Work on Purpose Curriculum 

Work on Purpose, a program of Echoing Green, helps people uncover their own unique way to live and work for social good. The curriculum focuses on helping individuals, especially those between the ages of 18-35, identify the kind of work that is right for them and good for the world. Echoing Green's Work on Purpose program inspires and equips those in the first decade of their careers to realize their unique way to make a social impact—be it as a nonprofit or social business employee, an artist-activist, an effective board member, a high-impact volunteer, a social entrepreneur, or in any number of other potential roles. The program supports a wide spectrum of young people seeking to make the world a better place in a way that is uniquely right for them.
The curriculum's workshops will help to:

  • Uncover your personal genius and how you can apply it to the issues they care most about.
  • Develop the boldness and the spirit of risk-taking required to launch a path with purpose.
  • Create a life and work with meaning.


The Work on Purpose Workshop is held during the Winter quarter. Registration details coming soon.