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Community-Engaged Scholarship

CE Fellows


CCESL is excited to begin the second year of the Community-Engaged Student Fellows program. The program was created to advance aspects of the Collaboration for the Public Good strategic initiative of the university's new strategic plan, IMPACT 2025. Fellows are assigned to an interdisciplinary issue area and charged with co-developing a plan to advance community-engaged work in this area in consultation with community and campus stakeholders as well as CCESL staff. The program provides opportunities for students to gain valuable experience and contribute to the University's vision of being "a great private institution dedicated to the public good" while simultaneously advancing aspects of IMPACT 2025.

what do fellows do?

Fellows work with CCESL staff as well as campus and community members to identify activities (events, programming, assessment, etc.) to advance collaboration in their issue area. Across Fellows, the work evolves differently. For example, some issue areas lend themselves to Fellows working directly with faculty clusters to advance specific community-engaged projects via research, creative work, and/or teaching and learning. Other issue areas lend themselves to Fellows working to develop campus and/or community partnerships before specific projects can be undertaken. Each fellow is responsible for convening faculty from multiple disciplines, assisting with the coordination of efforts (as when multiple DU entities are working with the same community partner), developing a tracking and reporting process, and generally managing updates and accountability for their issue area.

The goal of the fellows program is to help facilitate cross/inter-disciplinary collaborations that deepen the university's impact on some or our community's most pressing problems. Partnerships with community organizations are rooted in reciprocity and mutual benefit, and fellows will assist in determining community-identified issues and needs.

2017-2018 fellows

CCESL welcomes nine students to the program for the 2017-2018 academic year, who will document their experiences as fellows and the information they gather about DU's collective impact on their issue areas. 

Stephanie Ching
Graduate School of Professional Psychology, International Disaster Psychology – Masters, second year

Lauren Collins
Morgridge College of Education, Higher Education – PhD Candidate

Jimmy Hessler
Departments of French and Sociology - Junior

Madison Kim
Department of Biological Sciences - Junior
Issue Area: Health Equity

Kerry-Ann Lewis Pearcy
Morgridge College of Education, Research Methods & Statistics – PhD Candidate

Vanessa Molina
Morgridge College of Education, Higher Education – Masters, second year

Michael Oyakojo
Department of Economics - Masters, second year
Issue Area: Transportation

Jamie Spinello
Graduate School of Social Work – Masters, second year

Morgan Stevens
Graduate School of Social Work – Masters, second year

Alison Turner
Department of English, Literary Studies - PhD Candidate
Issue Area: Writing & the Public Good

Mimiko Watanabe
Graduate School of Professional Psychology, Clinical Psychology – PsyD Candidate

Chris Williams 
Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Biomedical Sciences – Masters, first year