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Community-Engaged Scholarship

Public Good Associates

What is the Public Good Associates Program?


The Public Good Associates Program is designed to get students and faculty into working relationships to effectively support community-engaged learning and/or research.

Public Good Associates (PGA) will be placed with one or more DU faculty member(s) to assist in their community-engaged work: either their teaching of a service learning class or their scholarship (research) or both. DU students who demonstrate a deep commitment to community-engaged work and an interest in research and/or teaching are eligible to apply.

The program provides opportunities for students to gain valuable experience and contribute to the University's vision of being "a great private institution dedicated to the public good."

What do Public Good Associates do?

PGAs assist faculty members in the planning, implementation and assessment of service learning classes and/or community-engaged research. Ongoing training is provided for interested and motivated students. Trainings will engage students around how to design a high quality community-engaged project, develop reciprocal community partnerships, work in communities, consider cultural diversity in meaningful ways, examine privilege and oppression, lead critical reflections, and develop evaluation and assessment techniques. Duties of Public Good Associates will include:

  • Providing support to faculty members using community-engaged methods. While the needs of each faculty member and project are unique (the student will work with the faculty member to create a plan for how the PGA will support the community-engaged project), some activities that an PGA might do include:
    • Researching social justice issues;
    • Developing partnerships with community organization(s);
    • Planning and implementing teaching or research activities; 
    • Developing reflection tools for students;
    • Working with the faculty member to assess and evaluate the community partnership, impacts of the project, and/or student learning;
    • Maintaining community linkages through correspondence and media;
    • Problem-solving with students, community partners and faculty member.
  • Creating working, productive community relationships with a faculty member, students and community partner(s)
  • Deepening and strengthening the university's commitment to public good
  • Representing the Center for Community Engagement to advance Scholarship and Learning on and off-campus at events, within the office, etc.
  • Helping track community-engaged projects on DU's campus

Students receive training through CCESL over the course of the year to support their work with faculty.

Students: How to Apply

Applications are accepted in spring and summer for the academic year that follows.

Job Description: 

Public Good Associate Job Description (PDF)


Public Good Associate Application 

Faculty: How to request a pga

Faculty members who have received training and/or funding from CCESL or the University of Denver's Public Good Fund or are committed to community-engaged teaching/scholarship are eligible to request a Public Good Associate. If you have a specific student with whom you'd like to work, then simply have the student complete the application form above and indicate your name when asked if a faculty member suggested they apply. If you do not have a specific student with whom you'd like to work, you may complete the request form below and we will work with you to determine an appropriate match, if possible.

PGA Request Form:

Faculty Request for PGA Form (PDF)

More Information

For more information, please contact Cara DiEnno at, or at 303-871-2158.