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Community Engagement @ DU: A Strategic Vision for CCESL

CCESL's Strategic Plan provides a framework to achieve our vision to lead the campus in embracing the University of Denver’s commitment to “being a great private university dedicated to the public good.”

Grounded in on our Strategic Plan, CCESL organizes programs into four primary initiatives (Community-Engaged Learning, Community-Engaged Scholarship, Civic Development, and Service), the outcomes of which directly contribute to DU's mission and goals

Through quarterly Public Good Newsletters as well as End of Year Reports (accessible below), CCESL reports regularly on progress towards our strategic goals. 

Strategic Goals

Strategic Goal 1: Advance Community-Engaged Scholarship and Creative Work

Strategic Goal 2: Advance Community-Engaged Learning 

Strategic Goal 3: Champion the Civic Mission of Higher Education as a Means to 21st Century Careers and Communities

Strategic Goal 4: Engage DU in Service with Communities

Strategic Goal 5: Develop Distinction in Community-Engaged Pedagogy, Scholarship, and Practice

Strategic Goal 6: Maximize Community Impact

Strategic Goal 7: Build Financial, Resource, and Collaborative Strength

Progress and Accountability

2016-2017 CCESL End-of-Year Report (PDF)

2015-2016 CCESL End-of-Year Report (PDF)

2014-2015 CCESL End-of-Year Report (PDF)

2013-2014 CCESL End-of-Year Report (PDF)

2012-2013 CCESL End-of-Year Report (PDF)

2011-2012 CCESL End-of-Year Report (PDF)

2010-2011 CCESL End-of-Year Report (PDF)

2009-2010 CCESL End-of-Year Report (PDF)