Valuable. Fulfilling. Impactful.

Tomorrow is going to ask much of today’s students. Preparing them to rise tenaciously to challenges is our purpose—our commitment—at the University of Denver. We fulfill this commitment in our classrooms, labs and studios, on the field, mat or rink, in our career services facilities, health and counseling center, and in our dorms and community spaces. The degree they earn at DU must be valuable; it must prepare them to build the lives they desire. The experience students have at DU must be meaningful; it must help them discover their purpose, so they can find fulfillment, personally and in their chosen fields and careers.

For the world, the past year has presented incredible challenges, but the DU community will emerge from this singular moment in history with renewed confidence in our ability to provide an excellent education to our students. Supporting this work, DU strives to be a community where the right to dignity is pervasive and where all can thrive and contribute, a community defined by its diversity, and dedication equity to inclusion. As well, DU serves the public good through the graduates we produce, the impactful research and scholarship by our world-class faculty and through forward-thinking partnerships in Denver, across Colorado and globally.

DU is strong because those who learn and work here possess incredible strength—of mind and character. DU thrives because we are committed and resilient in the face of obstacles. DU leads because we are creative, equitable, and curious. These are the very same traits we aim to imbue in every DU student as they become the leaders tomorrow needs.

At the University of Denver, we build a better future for all by the work we do today.

Together, we create our future


Strategic Imperatives

Informed by DU IMPACT 2025, our five strategic areas prioritize our grandest ambitions. They align our work with how we want DU and the campus community to grow and evolve so we may continually better serve our students and produce knowledge that improves society.

Areas of Strategic Focus

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4D Experience

By empowering resilient, driven students in an intentional, co-curricular environment, our model for education connects passions and purpose through a four-year curated experience where students build educational pathways alongside invested mentors.

4D Experience


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Action Plan

Our action plan was created to address long-asked-for and meaningful changes at DU. In this important work, there is always more to do, but we are proud of how far we have come—most especially during one of the most challenging and fraught years in recent memory.

DEI Action Plan Updates

“What I believe makes DU stand out is our history of strength and resilience. From our early years until now, this community has never shirked from challenge. In fact, we have always used challenge as opportunity.”

Chanceller Haefner New Student Convocation, 2019
Jeremy Haefner

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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Creating a diverse and inclusive community isn’t only the right thing to do; it’s critical to the successful implementation of our mission. The greatest challenges facing us in the century ahead are incredibly complex and will require diverse teams who can work collaboratively and innovatively. 

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We Will DU Better

In January 2020, DU students and alumni bravely began sharing their stories of sexual assault and gender violence. These stories were disturbing, gut-wrenching and deeply impactful. This movement is a call to action. Our culture must change.

University leadership has met with students, faculty experts, external experts and alumni. With their input, we have developed a detailed and comprehensive action plan to help make DU a safe campus—a safe community—for everyone.

It is our responsibility to address the enormous harm caused by sexual assault and gender violence. We start by listening to survivors, and then we take action.

How DU is Taking Action

Community + Values

DU is exploring what it means to be an academic community. We will create and participate in collective experiences while striving to understand how best to evolve our culture and systems and re-examine our values. 

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Chancellor Haefner speaking at event

Born from the ideas, aspirations and vision of the entire campus community, DU IMPACT 2025 is our north star, a bold declaration of what we know we can achieve. Through our strategic plan, DU will continue to lead by transforming the student experience, championing cross-discipline collaboration, engaging with partners locally and globally, and coming together as OneDU.