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Child Care Resources

Child Care

Advisory Committee

The Child Care Task Force at the University of Denver was initiated by Chancellor Robert Coombe in February 2006. Members of the Task Force studied the child care needs of the University Community in order to recommend the development of options for additional resources and more affordable solutions for child care for DU faculty, staff, and students. In addition to child care issues, the Task Force examined other concerns for DU caregivers such as elder care for aging parents and relatives. By recognizing the needs of caregivers, the Task Force worked to make DU a more family-friendly campus.

In October 2006 the Task Force launched this website to provide a centralized collection of resources for members of the DU community. We welcome your comments and questions about the website.

In September 2007, the Task Force became an Advisory Committee and continues to study family needs and to advocate for a family-friendly University Community.


The Child Care Advisory Committee brings together faculty, staff, and students from a variety of constituencies within the University Community. Committee members meet quarterly throughout the academic year. Subcommittees within the Committee also meet regularly to research specific issues and develop projects.

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