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panoramic view of campus buildings with The Cultural Center wording across bottom

About The Cultural Center

Computer Use

Among the resources The Cultural Center provides to DU affiliates is the use of common computer workstations and a shared printer. As they are for the common good, all users are expected to use them respectfully and responsibly.

Use of provided computers and printer is governed by DU's IT Acceptable Use and other policies.


Additionally, the following guidelines apply for users of The Cultural Center's common area computers:

  • Saving documents. Please don't save files to the computer. These computers contain software that wipes items saved to the desktop or documents folder. Instead, save your files to a jump drive or email them to yourself.
  • Playing media. Be considerate. Given that the computers are in a common room, your choice of video and audio are, by default, choices for those around you in the office. Please be mindful of this audience and The Cultural Center's commitment to respect for all when deciding what documents, sites and file to access. Even for workstations with speakers, please use headphones when listening to audio.
  • Priority for usage is, in order, for: academic coursework, campus organization/event-related work and then general personal/recreational.
  • Time of possession. If others are waiting, please limit your usage to one hour total.


The Cultural Center provides a DUnet Public Printer; you will need to use your Pioneer ID to claim printouts via monitor beside the printer.

Here are a few ways to help your print funds go a little further and use all our resources more responsibly:

  • Don't print unless you really need something.
  • Remove unnecessary spaces from documents; select only needed pages from larger jobs.
  • Select double-sided AND black & white prints unless you absolutely need the color or single-sided hardcopies.
  • Recycle scrap paper in provided blue bins.

By taking advantage of these provided resources, you agree to these guidelines. Failure to follow them, including excessive use/abuse of them, may result in revoking an individual's or group's use privilege, or even removal of the equipment. Let's not have it come to that!