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panoramic view of campus buildings with Center for Multicultural Excellence wording across bottom

Programs & Services

Inclusive Excellence Collective

The Collective provides a forum for University units to share ideas, establish collaborations, and support initiatives to advance Inclusive Excellence.

For the 2015-16 academic year, the Collective will meet monthly and focus on two primary purposes:

  • Continue serving as a venue for sharing IE-related questions, concerns and best/promising practices across the campus
  • Contribute to defining Inclusive Excellence expectations, outcomes and assessment for the University--particularly through a pilot professional development training program with HR People Development.

For more information, especially from DU units interested in being involved, contact Thomas Walker, Educational Programs & LGBTIQA Services.

Membership (as of 3/2016)

Members are selected by their area leadership, with a goal to have a representative from all major units on campus.

Academic Assessment: Robert Flaherty
Alumni Relations: Natley Farris
Anderson Academic Commons: Esther Gil
Athletics: Bob Willis, Cindi Nagai
Campus Safety: Mike Holt
Center for Multicultural Excellence: Thomas Walker*
Conferences, Events & Special Community Programs: Linda Quintanar
Controllers Office: Rosalynn Feagins
Daniels College of Business: VACANT
EEO/ADA Compliance: VACANT
Facilities: Kathy Aliaga
Faculty Senate: Frederique Chevillot
Graduate School of Professional Psychology: Fernand Lubuguin
Graduate School of Social Work: VACANT
Graduate Student Government: Jeffrey Mariano
Graduate Studies: VACANT
Human Resources: Ken Pinnock
Institutional Partnerships: David Greenberg
Institutional Research & Analysis: Casey Dinger
Internationalization: VACANT
Marketing & Communications: VACANT
Morgridge College of Education: Ellen Miller-Brown
Natural Sciences and Mathematics: Anna Sher
Newman Performing Arts Center: Stephen Seifert
Office of International Education: Denise Cope
Office of Teaching and Learning: Bridget Arend
Registrar: Victoria Hufschmidt
Research: Corinne Lengsfeld
Student Life: Niki Latino
student member, at-large: Muthanna Kareem
Sturm College of Law: VACANT
Undergraduate Academic Programs: Keelie Sorel
Undergraduate Enrollment: Miriam Tapia Salinas*
Undergraduate Student Government: Ciera Blehm, Rory Moore
University Advancement: Amanda Genter
University Architect: Mark Rodgers
University Chaplain-Student Life: Gary Brower
University College: Pat Greer
University Technology Services: Anne Linder
Women's College: Art Jones


ex officio:

Frank Tuitt, Sr Advisor to Chancellor and Provost
Johanna Leyba, acting Asc Vice Chancellor, Campus Life & Inclusive Excellence

Members can access the Collective's Portfolio resource site by logging in.