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LGBTIQA Gala celebration


At the annual LGBTIQ&A celebration Gala, we present the awards below.


To nominate someone for an award, please complete our brief online form (opens in winter quarter!

A committee will review complete nominations and select recipients to be recognized at the Gala itself. You and nominees/honorees will be notified ASAP.

Past recipients over the years include:

Master of (Gr)Advocacy Award (for graduate students)

Recognizing their role as a LGBTIQ&A educators among graduate students.

Still Struttin' Your Stuff Award (for alumns)

Recognizing contributions to promoting equality for LGBTIQ&A communities post-graduation.

  • 2016 - Nadine Bridges (MSW)
  • 2015 - Kevin Lindahl (BA 1983, JD 1986)
  • 2015 - Jenna Brownfield (Counseling Psychology)
  • 2015 - Carl Charles (Law)
  • 2013 - Leo Kattari (MSW, 2009)
  • 2009 – Dee Galloway (BA English, 2004)
  • 2008 – Hope Wisneski (MSW, 2000)
  • 2007 – Michael Brewer (Law)
Queerific Activist Award

Recognizing LGBTIQ&A leadership in raising awareness and making positive change at DU.

  • 2013 - Anna Sher Simon (Biology faculty) & Fran Simon (see Clarion story)
  • 2008 – Christopher Turner
  • 2008 - Joshua Jackson Robinson
  • 2008 - Carly Schlotterer

Listed departmental/unit affiliation is as of award date if affiliate is no longer at DU.