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Panoramic view of DU campus and mountains in background, with The Cultural Center name across bottom

The Cultural Center


As the second largest on-campus constituency after students, and given the vital role they play in all aspects of University operations, the staff at the University of Denver are a critical campus community. To better serve this population, and in addition to support offered by the Staff Advisory Council and Human Resources, The Cultural Center offers staff a range of professional development opportunities and resources, including:

Affinity organizations

The Cultural Center provides support for the following staff/all-employee organizations:

  • Staff of Color Association (SOCA)
  • Latino Community Forums: Occasional gatherings for community-building, issues discussion and action planning around issues of interest to DU's Latino communities. Self-subscribe to our email listserv.
  • Queer University Employees (QUE): Affinity group for LGBTIQ & Ally employees. See The Cultural Center LGBTIQA services. Self-subscribe to our email listserv.
  • Women's Coalition : The umbrella organization promotes information sharing between campus women's groups to further the status of women on the DU campus through such networking and communication opportunities as Town Hall sessions and an annual conference.