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Programs & Services

CRIMSON: An Inclusive Excellence Leadership Experience

Working together with campus partners, the Office of Inclusive Excellence Student Success and Leadership Development (IESSLD) will launch CRIMSON: An Inclusive Excellence Leadership Experience which will enhance the awareness of everyday practice of Inclusive Excellence for students at the University of Denver. Students who successfully complete the program requirements will obtain a CRIMSON Leadership Certificate, which will quantify their involvement in CRIMSON leadership activities throughout their time at the University of Denver.


CRIMSON has three levels of completion: Bronze, Copper and Gold. Within each level, students will participate in a required training and attend five total workshops: three required and two individually chosen electives. Once a level is completed, students have the option of advancing to the next level. To earn CRIMSON Certification, students must complete, Bronze, Copper and Gold levels along with additional requirements listed below. Students may also chose to have a concentration in Activism. Workshops are typically one hour each and are conducted by trained co-facilitating teams. Click the headers below for details on each

LEVEL One: Bronze - Foundation


  • Articulate personal identity (What is my identity?)
  • Have a broad understanding of leadership (What is leadership?)
  • Understand the role a leader plays in facilitating change (How do you lead?)
  • Define and articulate the importance of Inclusive Excellence (What is Inclusive Excellence?)
  • Understand how to utilize strengths and mitigate weaknesses (What are my strengths?)

Required Training

Required Workshops

  • Introduction to Inclusive Excellence
  • Leadership Identity Development
  • Leadership Styles

Elective Workshops

  • Grimm Lessons on Leadership
  • Group Dynamics
  • Problem Solving
  • Teambuilding
  • Leadership Concepts
  • Role of Student Organizations in Promoting the Values of Diversity & Community


  • Articulate purpose and passions (What is my purpose?)
  • Articulate personal definition of leadership (What is your leadership definition?)
  • Understand how to integrate Inclusive Excellence in everyday leadership style (How do I lead through an Inclusive lens?)
  • Understand leadership in the context of everyday life (What is leadership outside a position of power?)
  • Navigate challenging situations with confidence (How do I navigate a challenging situation?)

Required Training

Required Workshops

  • Motivating Others: A Key to Successful Leadership
  • Creating and Leading Inclusive Environments
  • Becoming a Change Agent through Transformational Leadership

Elective Workshops

  • Fostering Creativity
  • Presentation Skills
  • Is it your job or your passion?
  • Learning to Live with Conflict
  • Student Organizations and Inclusive Excellence
  • Running Effective Meetings
  • Teaching/Coaching Leadership
Level Three: Gold – Creation


  • Understand the importance of ethics in leadership (How do I lead ethically?)
  • Articulate the change they created through actions (How do I create positive change?)
  • Empower individuals to unite around a common issue (How do I empower individuals to unite around a common issue?)
  • Understand greater societal impact (What is my greater societal impact?)
  • Understand personal leadership as a continual growth process (How can I continually improve my leadership?)

Required Training

Required Workshops

  • Social Change Model of Leadership
  • Using the Path-Goal Approach to Leading
  • The Toolkit for Ethical Dilemmas

Elective Workshops

  • Bad Leadership vs. Good Leadership
  • Leading with Integrity
  • Developing a Personal Leadership Model
  • Servant Leadership
  • Situational Leadership
  • Relational Theory of leadership
Program Completion - CRIMSON

Students interested in obtaining CRIMSON Certification must complete Bronze, Copper and Gold levels. Additionally, students must satisfy the requirements below.

Attend two of the trainings below:

Participate in the facilitation/coordination of three programs below.

Concentration - Activism (Optional)

Students interested in completing CRIMSON with a concentration in Activism must complete all of the following workshops in addition to the required workshops for each level. Activism workshops will serve as the elective workshops for each level.

Level 1 - Bronze

  • Power
  • Planning Workshops
  • Meeting Facilitation

Level 2 - Copper

  • Power and Organizing
  • Power Analysis
  • Strategy Charts

Level 3 - Gold

  • Strategy Charts
  • Coalition Building


Coming Soon!

Mentor Applications

Applications for the CRIMSON Mentor position will open at the beginning of spring quarter. Interested students must complete an application and conduct an interview with the program administrators. Once accepted, mentors must attend a mandatory training at the end of spring quarter.

If you have questions about the program or the Mentor position, please email the CRIMSON Coordinator at or stop by the Center for Multicultural Excellence for more information!