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panoramic view of campus buildings with Center for Multicultural Excellence wording across bottom

Diversity Summit on Inclusive Excellence

Champions of Change Awards

Each year, the Center for Multicultural Excellence and the Diversity Summit Committee recognize individuals from across the campus who have demonstrated outstanding accomplishments and contribute to advancing the tenants of Inclusive Excellence at the University of Denver through exemplary leadership.

Inclusive Excellence at the University of Denver encompasses inclusion, acceptance, respect, and empowerment. This means understanding that each individual is unique; and that our commonalities and differences make the contributions we offer all the more valuable. This diversity includes dimensions such as race, ethnicity, and national and regional origins, sex, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, age, physical attributes, and abilities; as well as religious, political, cultural, and intellectual ideologies and practices.

Through the Champions of Change Awards, the Diversity Summit committee recognizes the outstanding accomplishments of our faculty, staff, students, alumns and/or departments/organizations who contribute to Inclusive Excellence through exemplary leadership.

Award winners will have done one or more of the following:

  1. Develop and maintain highly relevant programming and/or policies and support for advancing inclusiveness throughout the University of Denver campus

  2. Coordinate and/or support ongoing efforts related to Inclusive Excellence at DU in an individual’s spheres of influence

  3. Create a welcoming and inclusive university environment (climate) through training, curriculum reform and delivery, and/or research/creative activity

  4. Have a positive impact on recruitment, retention, and graduation of a diverse student body and/or promotion of a diverse workforce at all levels.

  5. Develop and maintain consistent accountability measures in order to accurately assess progress toward institutionalizing Inclusive Excellence.

Please contact if you have specific questions.

Recent Honorees

See the annual e-programs for full descriptions of awards and past honorees.

2016 Honorees:

  • Undergraduate Student: Sara Yafe
  • Graduate Student: Keelie Sorel
  • Faculty Advocate: Ryan Hanschen
  • Staff: Lindsey Feitz 
  • Administrator: Nancy Sasaki

 2015 Honorees:

  • Undergraduate Student: Brooke Baxa
  • Graduate Student: Sergio Juarez, Communication Studies
  • Faculty Advocate: Roberto Corrada, Sturm College of Law
  • Staff: Karen Escobar, Natural Sciences & Mathematics
  • Administrator: Dr Shelley Smith-Acuna, Graduate School of Professional Psychology

2014 Honorees:

  • Undergraduate Student: Alejandro Garcia, Undergraduate Student Government
  • Graduate Student: Leslie Rossman, Communication Studies, Graduate Student Government
  • Faculty Advocate: Dr Bernadette Calafell, Communication Studies
  • Staff: Nashwa Bolling, Undergraduate Admission
  • Administrator: Dr Barbara Wilcots, Asc Provost for Graduate Studies, and English faculty
  • special award for Institutional Leadership: Dr Robert Coombe, Chancellor

2013 Honorees:

  • Undergraduate Student: Marin Klostermeier
  • Graduate Student: Sujie Kim, Morgridge College of Education
  • Faculty: Dr Hava Gordon, Sociology and Criminology, and Gender & Women's Studies
  • Staff: Kristin Olson, Office of Student Conduct, Student Life
  • special award for Alumni Achievement: Dr William Cross