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Programs & Services

Inclusive Excellence Training Request

As part of our mission to engage and support the embedding of Inclusive Excellence practices throughout the University, IEE offers a variety of prepared and custom designed workshops and consultations, in addition to other ongoing programs.

Below are a brief list of possible topics/approaches, with which we begin conversations about possible presentations. For by-request sessions, please provide as much advance notice as possible, ideally at least two weeks out (so we can develop agendas, schedule facilitators, prepare materials, etc).


In some cases, individuals or units/organizations can benefit from a conversation instead of or in addition to a workshop. Our staff is happy to meet in person, speak by phone, or even email, to discuss specific situations or general approaches for greater inclusion. We can connect you to useful on- or off-campus resources, consider whether/ what trainings might be effective, suggest possible proactive/ reactive steps, and more. Contact us at [email protected] with questions.

Thinking about our collaboration

As you think about your goals for our work together, please consider the following:

  • Your desired content/outcomes
    • We offer workshops and consultations on a range of issues around diversity, Inclusive Excellence and social justice; these include off-the-shelf introductions to concepts such as worldview, identity and social systems, as well as deeper explorations of these and related topics.
    • If you are looking for information about particular populations (e.g., Native American culture, communicating with international students, etc), social issues (e.g., poverty, Affirmative Action, immigration, etc), current events, or historical/social movements (e.g., US Civil Rights, 3rd wave feminism, etc), there are other subject matter experts at DU and in our community who could better provide expertise on these topics. Consider contacting the relevant academic program directly; or we may be able to suggest a resource person on or beyond campus. (Please contact us by email ([email protected]) or phone (303.871.2027) rather than using this online form.)
    • Whatever the topic, it is important that you are clear on what specific goals and outcomes you would like your group to gain.
  • Workshop Length. When identifying available times for a workshop, please consider that the time allotted to Inclusive Excellence sends a message about its importance for your group, and also can limit the type and depth of engagement possible.
    • 10-15 minutes: A brief overview of IEE and Inclusive Excellence.
    • 1-2 hours: Set the stage, constructively engage and wrap up a meaningful training/workshop meeting 1 to 3 specific learning objectives.
    • 4-8 hours: Address both personal and organizational developmental goals around IE, interactive activities, and action plans for the future.
  • Leadership involvement. To demonstrate the importance of the workshop content to participants, and to allow our staff to focus on learning facilitation, we ask that the group leader (officer, supervisor, instructor) or a clear designee be present for and actively participate in the entire workshop.
  • Preparation and follow-up. It is important to be intentional that IE is integrated into all aspects of our campus community on an ongoing, not just occasional, basis. How have you been engaging IE already; what are we building on or adding to? And, what will you and your group do after the workshop, to ensure that Inclusive Excellence continues to be engaged? We are happy to assist in the effort to prepare for the workshop, and to develop an action plan for the future.

In some cases, a workshop may not be the best format for reaching your learning goals, in which case we will be happy to provide suggestions, referrals, etc.

Requesting the collaboration

Building on the considerations above, please have the following information ready and complete our online training request form :

  • Contact person and how to reach them
  • Requested date(s) and times (at least two weeks' lead time is best)
  • Participant numbers, affiliation and any special needs
  • Content specifics (goals, learning objectives), even initial ones

An IEE staff member will follow up with you as soon as possible to discuss details.