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Keeping the Dream Alive Conference

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Keeping the Dream Alive Conference

Friday, December 8, 2017 

Registration for 2017 is now closed, check this page for future updates!


The mission of KtDA is to provide access to accurate information and available resources to support immigrant students' transition to, and success in, postsecondary educational institutions. KtDA seeks to provide personal and professional development opportunities for students, educators, families and community members. The KtDA community advocates for policies and practices that increase educational resources and opportunities for all students, regardless of immigration status. KtDA works with, for, and alongside empowered immigrant students to support their academic achievement and career goals.

Our conference participants have the option to choose between the following two tracks:

  • KtDA 101: For new and experienced professionals or community members who have never been to a KtDA conference and for those who are just starting to engage the particular challenges experienced by undocumented students and families. Professionals in this track should have no more than two years working at least 30% of your time with undocumented students and families for this track to me most effective.
  • KtDA 201: For new and experienced professionals or community organizers who have attended at least one KtDA conference, and for those who are hoping to update their skills and knowledge base with most current information available. Professionals in this track should have at least two years of experience working at least 30% of your time with undocumented students and families for this track to be most useful.

What is KDA?

As counselors, teachers, administrators, and community members, supporting the college dreams of students is part of our daily lives. The barriers that undocumented students face in accessing postsecondary opportunities are complex and pervasive. In supporting them, we face our uncertainties and struggle to best advise them on limited resources, unclear guidelines and institutions not yet prepared to answer the call for their unique needs.

This one-day conference attempts to answer many of our daily questions such as:

  • What are the 'best practices' and options for advising undocumented students who are applying to college, specifically in Colorado?
  • Where is the information I can trust regarding scholarship opportunities and specific student pathways so that lives on hold can become an actual plan?
  • What are the most current laws that impact the students I am advising?
  • What are institutions of higher education doing to best serve students with DACA status and those who do not have this status?

The Conference goal is to provide a safe and open space for educators, professionals and caring individuals who work to support these unique groups of students to share postsecondary advising strategies.

It is the committee's hope that this event will engender an ongoing dialogue for those in the counseling, teaching, advising and pre-collegiate professions to best serve all students.

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