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Sponsorship Request: details

If you have not done so already, please review the Sponsorship Overview page for an introduction to the purpose and priorities of CME Sponsorships.

The following sections detail the process and conditions of CME sponsorship; please review all in order to apply (at end).

Submitting Your Proposal

  • Proposals must meet the priorities for 2014-15: Goal 3 (Structuring for Change) of the DU Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan (PDF).
  • Proposals must be submitted via the online form at least 15 business days (Monday-Friday), or three weeks, in advance of the event/initiative start unless otherwise arranged.
  • In preparation to complete the online request form, please have the following information ready:
    • Contact person name, phone number and email address
    • Event/Project summary with clear goal(s) and intended outcomes
    • Basic plans for assessing the initiative's success toward its goals and CME sponsoring priorities
    • Proposed logistical details including date, location, publicity, audience, etc
    • Proposed budget including projected expense and any projected income (payments from participants, sponsorships from other organizations, etc) details
  • You will also be required to uphold the following commitments, should your proposal be sponsored:
  1. The proposed initiative, its goals and activities are designed to further the mission of CME and its sponsorship priorities.
  2. Any significant changes to the overall project/initiative (e.g., audience, schedule, etc) and any desired changes to the amount/use of CME funds must be communicated to CME in writing as soon as possible in advance, ideally 10 business days before the initiative begins.
  3. You will use sponsorship, including any funds, in the manner authorized by CME, unless prior written approval for changes has been obtained.
  4. Funds must be returned to CME if: a) The sponsored initiative does not occur; b) The allocated funds are used for purposes other than those indicated to and approved by CME; c) Initiative expenses are less than the proposed budget and CME funds are not needed; and/or d) The organizer fails to turn in a final report within 30 days from the completion of the project or initiative.
  5. All initiative publicity must list CME as a sponsor by name and/or logo. (Official CME logos can be provided.) CME must review and approve all publicity before distribution, and maintains the right to approve any and all materials bearing the CME/DU logo.
  6. A written final report must be submitted to CME within 30 days from completion of the project, providing evidence that the initiative has met its goals and CME sponsoring priority(ies).
  7. You authorize CME to use the proposal, publicity and final report (or excerpts) for evaluation, archival and promotional purposes.
  8. All applicable DU policies apply to University spaces, funds and affiliates.
  9. Dishonesty in the proposal or ongoing communication, and/or failure to keep any of these commitments may result in the immediate rescinding of sponsorship, including funding, and may preclude future sponsorships of you/your group.

If your proposal does not fit the criteria above, you are not able to provide all the requested information, and/or you are not able to make and keep the required commitments, please consider developing it further before submitting, or consider seeking other sponsors instead. While we cannot create your plan for you, our staff may be available to consult with you on developing your idea, suggesting other support sources, etc.

Decision Timeline & Possibilities

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

So that you can proceed with the initiative and/or pursue other sponsors, we will attempt to provide a decision as quickly as possible. However, we reserve the right to decline requests, to request more information before making any decision, to offer alternative forms/amounts of support (e.g., in kind materials vs direct finances), to set additional conditions on our sponsorship, and/or to sponsor the request as submitted.

If Sponsored

You will be emailed a decision that includes details of the sponsorship and the name of the CME staff member who will serve as your contact.

You will need to discuss/finalize terms and accept the offered sponsorship promptly, and to stay in regular communication with your CME contact to keep us updated about preparations, implementation and follow-up on your initiative.

It is particularly important that you be prompt and thorough with any requested information when CME funds are part of your sponsorship, as University policies and procedures are necessarily strict on required documentation, deadlines, etc.


Once you have read the guidelines above and gathered the needed information, you can complete the online sponsorship request form. (Opening soon.)