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Getting Ready

Make sure you've completed all the items in the graduation checklist:

  1. Attend an exit interview with your student loan provider, if applicable.
    • Federal Direct or Stafford Loan counseling is online at
    • Federal Perkins Loan exit interview is with the Bursar's Office; call (303) 871-4901.
  2. Take the Career Services survey to tell us where you're headed next.
    • The U.S. Department of Education requires us to gather information about the post-graduation plans of all DU graduates. If you're graduating this spring, log in to Pioneer Careers and tell us about your post-graduation plans or update your status on the landing page. Your individual responses will be kept private.
  3. Visit the Bookstore to pick up your cap, gown, stole (for undergraduate students) and hood (for graduate students) August 14 - 18.
  4. Confirm your mailing address and verify your hold status on PioneerWeb.
  5. Arrive for the Commencement ceremony.
  6. Celebrate!