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City Contacts

University and neighborhood representatives often work with Denver city officials and staff on numerous important issues affecting our daily lives.

Use this list to find officials and contacts for various issues facing the community.


Police District 3 covers the entire DU neighborhood.

Denver City Council

There are two representatives covering the DU area on the Denver City Council:

  • a representative from District 6, who represents the neighborhood east of University Boulevard; and
  • a representative from District 7, who represents the neighborhood west of University Boulevard.

City streets

City street maintenance and signage: The City of Denver Public Works Department manages issues related to potholes, plowing, crosswalks and signage.


Parking is an issue of constant concern. Denver's Parking Enforcement division manages the neighborhood parking program.

Please contact this division for questions about neighborhood parking permits, neighborhood parking restrictions and parking enforcement requests.

If you're interested in the University of Denver's parking policies, please visit the DU parking services website.

Snow shoveling requirements

Denver's snow shoveling ordinance gives residents 24 hours to shovel the sidewalks adjacent to their property after a snowstorm.


Denver's Solid Waste Management divisionpicks up all trash (large and small items) and recycling.