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Land-Use Plan

University of Denver Plan

In 2002, the University of Denver committed to the city of Denver to develop a land-use plan that would illustrate the University's long-term development goals. In developing the plan, DU included neighbors, city-planning representatives, DU architect and facility staff, and Board of Trustee members.

Read the land-use plan online (last updated in 2007).

University Park Small Area Plan

The University Park Community Council—neighbors including DU and the city of Denver—have developed a neighborhood plan that's an approved guide to determine appropriate types and scales of development within the University Park neighborhood.

The effort, which began in 2000 but was on hiatus until 2006, has been accepted by vote of the Denver City Council.

This plan is intended for use by the city of Denver's governmental departments, other public and quasi-public agencies, neighborhood organizations, residents, landowners, business persons, and private organizations concerned with planning, development, and neighborhood improvement.

The plan is now part of the Denver Comprehensive Plan, and it's a guide for the future of University Park.