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Conflict Resolution Institute

CRI: A Decade of Excellence

The Conflict Resolution Institute

Karen Feste


  • PhD, University of Minnesota
  • MA, University of Minnesota
  • BA, Concordia College

Research & Expertise

U.S. Military Intervention (Panama, Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo, Rwanda, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq); anti-American International Terrorism Campaigns (skyjacking crisis with Cuba, Teheran and Beirut hostage-taking, al Qaeda suicide attacks); Presidential Rhetoric and responses to terrorism (Clinton, Bush, Obama); Conflict resolution and negotiation in the Israeli-Palestinian dispute; Middle East Politics; Intervention and Terrorism; Intervention Exit Strategy; Conflict Reconciliation; International Peace Processes. She also conducts workshops on Conflict Resolution for various organizations. Current research projects include: analyzing US Responses to the Arab Spring Movement; comparing political reactions to mass casualty terrorism in Western Democracies; and understanding Obama's conflict resolution techniques.

Professional Profile

Professor, Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver, (2003-present), Director, International Security Program (2008-2011), Founder and Graduate Director, Conflict Resolution Institute (1998-present), Associate Dean (1988-2000)
Visiting Professor at the University of Chile, Santiago, Chile (2011), Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey (2009), University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago (2007), Renmin University, Beijing, China (2005), University of Tuebingen, Germany (1988), Diplomatic Academy, Vienna, Austria (1988-1993), Brigham Young University, Utah (1983), University of Colorado-Boulder (1981)
Fulbright Scholar, University of Vienna (1986-87) and Diplomatic Academy, Vienna, Austria, (1986-87 & 1993-94)
Consultant, U.S. Department of the Army (2008), Thailand Ministry of Science, Technology and Energy (1984), Egypt Ministry of Planning (1978-1982)
Senior Research Associate, CACI, Inc, Washington, D.C. (1980-1982)


  • INTS 4920: Conflict Resolution
  • INTS 4936: Intervention Policy and Practice
  • INTS 4907: International Terrorism
  • INTS 4020: Preparing a Grant Proposal