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Conflict Resolution Institute

Conflict Resolution Institute: Admissions



Education & Experience

Students with Bachelor's degrees in well-rounded liberal arts programs from accredited colleges and universities, sound academic records, and clearly defined objectives for graduate study are desired.

Undergraduate preparation in sociology, politics, law, administration, psychology, communications, management, or international relations will be better prepared for the program.

Similarly, prior work experience in business management or human resource development is useful.

Entrance Examinations

All applicants must take the GRE or GMAT and request that the results be forwarded to the University of Denver Office Of Graduate Education. The institution code for the University of Denver is R4842. Conflict Resolution Department Code is 5101.

*Official LSAT scores can only be sent to Law Schools, therefore the LSAT cannot be accepted for admission to this program. THE ONLY EXCEPTION is for applicants who are already enrolled in the DU Law School.

Further information on the GRE:
Phone: 609-771-7670 or visit the Graduate Record Examinations website

Further information on the GMAT:
Graduate Management Admission Council website