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Conflict Resolution Institute

Center for Conflict Engagement

The Center for Conflict Engagement

Conferences & Symposia

The Center for Conflict Engagement has built a legacy of bringing students, scholars, and practitioners of conflict resolution into one space where collaboration and innovation across disciplines can take place. 

CRI Conferences & Symposia

Trauma & Trust: Peacebuilding in Ruptured Social Systems Conference 2016

Symposium on Sand Creek: Acknowledgement and Repair - 2015

Colorado Collaborative Leadership Institute:Collaboration for Community Flood Response & Resilience Planning - 2015

Colorado Collaborative Leadership Institute: Wildfire Mitigation Planning - 2013

Cross-Community Working Group - 2012

Colorado Natural Resources Leadership Summit - 2012

Religion and Conflict Symposium - 2010

Association for Conflict Resolution Environment and Public Policy Section Conference  - 2009

Cyprus Conflict and Bicommunal Peacebuilding Symposium - 2007

Trauma and Peacebuilding Conference - 2007

Public Conflict Resolution and Collaborative Governance in the West: University Centers as Partners and Conveners - 2006

Colorado Community Mediation Summit and NAFCM Regional Training Institute - 2005

Building Constructive Frameworks for Improving Ethnic Relations: Best Practices Here and Abroad 50 years After Brown v. Boe - 2004

Demonstrating the Impact of Community Mediation in Colorado - 2004