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Faculty Research 

Douglas Allen

Allen, Douglas B. and Allen, Dwight W. (2004) Formula 2+2: The Simple Solution for Successful Coaching, Berrett Koehler Publishers Inc.
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Robert Corrado

Ill-Structured Simulations in Two American Law School Classes: Labor Law and Administrative Law, chapter in Simulation and the Learning of the Law (Ashgate Publishing) (forthcoming 2014).
Formative Assessment in Doctrinal Law Classes: Rethinking Grade Appeals, 63 Journal of Legal Education, Issue 2 (forthcoming November 2013).
Administrative Law: A Casebook , co-authored with with Jay Brown and Bernard Schwartz, 8th edition, Wolters Kluwer (forthcoming December 2013).
Labor Law in the Contemporary Workplace , co-authored with Kenneth Dau-Schmidt, Martin Malin, Christopher Cameron and Catherine Fisk, 2nd edition, West Publishers (forthcoming December 2013).
2012 Update for Employment Discrimination Law: Cases and Materials on Equality in the Workplace, co-authored with Dianne Avery, Maria Ontiveros, Michael Selmi and Melissa Hart, American Casebook Series, Thomson West (August 2012).


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Karen Feste

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Judith E. Fox

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Alan Gilbert

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Featured Publications:

Lawyer's Work (Butterworth Legal Publishing, 1984; 2nd edition 1998; 3rd edition 2003).
"The Lawyer Client Relationship," 1 Preventive Law (1982).
"Motion Practice," 5 National Journal of Trial Advocacy (1981).
"Lawyer Skills in Negotiation - Justice in Unseen Hands," 1 Journal of Dispute Resolution (1984).
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Gregory Robbins

Featured Publications:
Exploring the New Testament (Prentice Hall, 1986)
Intrigue in the Garden: Genesis 1-3 in the History of Exegesis (Mellen, 1988)

Tim Sisk

Featured Publications:
Statebuilding: Consolidating Peace after Civil War, (Cambridge: Polity Press, 2013).
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