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Conflict Resolution Institute

Flood in Lyons

Colorado Collaborative Leadership Institute

Collaborative Community Planning Amid Controversy: Siting and Fracking

CCLI 2014

Glenwood Springs Community Center
Glenwood Springs, CO 

November 2015

Call: 303-315-0016

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Colorado Collaborative Leadership Institute

Is a new inter-university consortium seeking to increase collaborative capacity in the State of Colorado.

Institute workshops use a tested mix of mini-lectures, experiential role plays and exercises, stakeholder panel discussions and field trips on specific pressing public  topics to build your competencies and:

  • Enhance your conflict resolution and collaborative problem-solving skills,
  • Sharpen your personal and professional leadership skills and expand your network,
  • Gain understanding of key emerging  natural resource issues in Colorado.

Who should attend?

Representatives from local, state and federal agencies; elected officials; industry representatives and small business-owners; academicians; representatives of civic and non-governmental conservation organizations; and concerned and active citizens.

Challenges. Solutions. 

Colorado's natural resources are facing increasing pressure due to population growth, changing climatic conditions and natural disasters, such as flooding and wildfires. These pressures make it difficult for community leaders and natural resource managers to protect and manage shared resources for multiple uses. Concern over Colorado's natural resources sometimes invokes conflict between competing interests, so it is essential to find common ground and promote collaboration and teamwork in an environment where fairness, integrity, and responsibility are both expected and rewarded.

Differences can be engaged productively when stakeholders become more knowledgeable about public issues, communicate in a more meaningful and effective way, open the debate to include all stakeholders, and negotiate in principled ways to settle disagreements.

Over the last decade, communities have been called upon to respond to disasters and manage resources as never before. Collaboration is essential to effective community planning and preparedness, and often leads to new approaches and solutions.  This Leadership Workshop will provide participants with tools to effectively engage their communities in discussion and debate that leads to collaborative problem-solving.