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CRGSA presented this year's CRGSA Award for Student Excellence at the CRI Gala to Ms. Hanh Do. Hanh, a student in both the Conflict Resolution Program and in the International Studies Department, is devoted not only to her own studies but to the experience of fellow students as well. When it was realized that our burgeoning institute would need a student government as well as a student organization, Hanh volunteered to head up the formation committee for what would eventually become CRGSA – the Conflict Resolution Graduate Student Association. She then went on to nearly single-handedly create the constitution and by-laws for that same governing body. She has diligently attended every University of Denver Graduate Student Association Council (GSAC) meeting and reported back the minutes to conflict resolution students. A recent example of her dedication to detail comes to us from Thailand where Hanh is currently traveling and visiting family. Despite being halfway around the globe, Hanh did not let that stop her from delivering her minutes from the last CRGSA meeting which she sent to each of us from her hotel room via email. Congratulations, Hanh, and thank you for all your hard work!

Congratulations to the 2006-2007 CRGSA Executive Council-members:
President: Mikaela Ladwig-Williams
Vice President: Katie Manderson
Treasurer: Alana Berland

- Carole Fotino, Outgoing CRGSA President