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Human Security and Conflict Resolution

The current volume of the United Nations journal, Regional Development Dialogue (RDD), is exclusively devoted to Human Security and Conflict Resolution. Edited by Jack Jones, Research Professor in CRI, the entire issue is a collaborative effort between the journal's publisher, the United Nations
Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD) in Nagoya, Japan, and our Conflict Resolution Institute.

The University of Denver has had a close working relationship with UNCRD over
the years on various research and training projects in Asia and Africa, and this volume is a continuation of that collaboration. The volume on Human Security and Conflict Resolution includes among its papers by international scholars, practitioners and policy makers, articles by CRI and other DU faculty. The editorial introduction by Jack Jones explains the role of conflict resolution in promoting social development and human security worldwide.

CRI Graduate Program Director Karen Feste writes on the Israeli- Palestinian dispute with its conflict resolution strategies and peace prospects. A paper by CRI Core Faculty member Denise Pearson deals with interethnic conflict in Trinidad and Tobago and its post-colonial challenges and opportunities. Jack Jones and Kate Trujillo examine the causes and consequences of the Zapatista rebellion in Chiapas, Mexico. In a bibliographic essay, Nonny Schlotzhauer covers the literature of conflict resolution.

The role of conflict resolution in human security is not widely discussed in professional conflict resolution circles, although human security itself is at the cutting edge of international social development thinking and practice. It is our hope that the current RDD volume on the topic will raise awareness in the field.

– J. Jones