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Conflict Resolution Day

Dr. Tim Sisk

In celebration of Conflict Resolution Day, the University of Denver graduate students hosted a discussion on the Nobel Peace Prize and sold love/hate T-shirts. Along with these campus events, there were a serious of events downtown at the Auraria campus of the University of Colorado. Prince Cedza Dlamini, Nelson Mandela's grandson, canceled his speech on "Interconnectedness and Conflict Resolution" due to an illness.

"We want to take Conflict Resolution Day to where Earth Day is now," said 2nd year M.A. Conflict Resolution student and a member of the Colorado Conflict Resolution day organizing committee Katy Harshburger. "It should be a forward looking day for people to think consciously how their actions affect the future."

Dr. Timothy Sisk, Associate Dean and Professor at the Graduate School of International Studies, spoke on the Nobel Peace Prize's history and this year's winners, former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. In addition, he spoke on how the trends who the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to can change and develop as the chairperson of the committee changes. An audience of around 30 professors and students discussed if they agree with prize recipients and current direction of the peace prize. There was a debate on if the definition of the peace prize should be broadened to include global warming, micro-credit and other nontraditional methods of peace.

"Personally, I left the presentation wishing I had signed up for Sisk's class on the Nobel Peace Prize," said Conflict Resolution M.A. student Kate Zimmerly.
To gain awareness for the Conflict Resolution field, Conflict Resolution graduate students designed, made and sold T-shirts on campus. Either the students bought a pre-made shirt or could bring their own shirt or purchase a shirt to spray point on a stencil of "Conflict Resolution Day 2007" and a "love" stencil that read "hate" in the mirror or visa versa.

The Association for Conflict Resolution create Conflict Resolution day in 2004 and it has been observed on the third Thursday of October ever since. This year it was celebrated on October 18th.