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Conflict Resolution Institute

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The Conflict Resolution Institute (CRI) at DU is one of a small, but growing number of academic programs that recognizes the increasing importance of conflict management, whether that conflict exists between individuals or nations. 

Yet, CRI stands at an important crossroads. It has existed and grown partly thanks to a multi-year grant from the Luce Foundation. As that grant comes to an end within the next two years, CRI needs to find other financial resources to support its students and its operations. That is no small feat in today's economy, but is necessary for the financial health of the program.

CRI's Board of Directors is fully committed to the ongoing financial success of the program. Indeed, our mission is first and foremost to ensure that success. To that end, we have been directing a substantial portion of our meetings to developing fundraising strategies and to recruiting additional board members with expertise in fundraising. We also, however, are dedicated to maintaining the program's twin pillars of instruction grounded in research and internships that give students practical experience in the field. As a board, we value the goals the program is dedicated to achieving and will continue to work hard in support of those goals. Look for CRIB Notes to be an ongoing feature in the CRI newsletter.

-- David Price, Advisory Board Member