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Pearl Bell: Conflict Center

Although Manager of Operations is Pearl Bell's official title at the Conflict Center, her job encompasses much more. She is responsible for the smooth running of everything from the building and maintenance, to class registrations
and court reporting, as well as managing the Conflict Center Social Norming Program. "For the past three years, we piloted a Bullying Prevention Program using social norming techniques. We hope to expand this program for use
with other social violence issues like teen dating violence and gang violence."

Pearl considers herself fortunate to also be able to teach classes: adult anger and conflict management, and youth emotional intelligence and critical decision making. Pearl graduated from the Confl ict Resolution program with a dual degree in International Studies and a certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution in 2005. 

When asked how her work at the University of Denver helped prepare her for her current position, Pearl replied "My knowledge and background in conflict resolution directly applies to the skills that we teach at The Conflict Center. My knowledge of theory and research has assisted me in our program evaluation efforts and helps strengthen The Conflict Center's credibility and status regarding best practices in the field." "Not only are these skills [obtained in the MA program] directly related to my profession, they also help me everyday in working with coworkers on problem solving and building relationships. The conflict skills are a cornerstone for the daily operation of The Conflict Center in every way we interact with clients and with each other."

Pearl's internship was at the Institute for Multi-track Diplomacy in Washington, DC, where she worked with dialogue groups and grant writing. She considers the skills gained there helped her obtain her current position, and the experience of working with groups of people and in a team helped prepare her for the work environment. 

Her advice for current students:

I. Get practical experience applying the skills and theories you are learning. The more you are able to get such experience, the more effective and proficient you will become at modeling this behavior for others.

II. Self awareness. Practice. Patience. They are the three cornerstones for improving conflict resolution skills and being able to assist others