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Conflict Resolution Institute


Graduate Degree Program Overview

Course Schedule

New students should complete all core courses during their first year and enroll in INTS 4920 Conflict and Conflict Resolution the first term. This course is offered fall quarter. CRES 4221 Negotiation Theory and Practice should also be taken in the first term. CRES 4222 Mediation Theory and Issues should be taken winter quarter (second term) and CRES 4225 Conciliation and Reconciliation spring quarter (third term). It is very important that students finish all core requirements in the early part of their training. INTS 4920, CRES 4222 and CRES 4225 are offered only once each calendar year. They are not given in the summer.

Note: Students are required to register for CRES 4981 Practicum, a 15-week session offered for two consecutive terms each year, Spring (10 weeks) and Summer (5 weeks). Strict Prerequisites: Prior completion of most Core Curriculum Courses plus the Mediation Workshop.

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