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Conflict Resolution Institute

CRI Graduate Degree

Graduate Degree Program Overview

MA Thesis (Optional)

Candidates for the MA degree in Conflict Resolution may choose to prepare a thesis with a manuscript that usually runs between 80-150 pages. 

Students deciding to write a thesis should begin working on it near the end of their first year of study. For a full-time student this means deciding on a topic, choosing an adviser, developing a prospectus, and working out a timetable for completing the project after completing the third quarter of coursework. For detailed information about thesis preparation read CRI's detailed Thesis Instruction Booklet.

Thesis Description

CRES 4995 MA Thesis Research (0- 5 credits)

This course allows a student to receive credit for research and writing undertaken as part of the master's thesis preparation. Thesis credit is optional, and "variable" meaning a student may register for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 credits (the maximum allowed within the 62-credit degree program). A student wishing to enroll for credit may do so any quarter (whether it is the quarter while working on the thesis or not), and may repeatedly register for the same course designation over different academic terms. A student may also register for CRES 4991, Independent Study as part of the thesis research program. Registration for M.A. thesis requires a special paper form that must be signed by the Graduate Director, and submitted by the student to the registrar. After a student successfully passes the oral thesis defense and without further revisions required in the manuscript, the student's advisor submits a letter grade to the registrar.


For the most current and accurate information regarding degree requirements, graduation requirements, and course descriptions, please download our MA Student Handbook.