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Conflict Resolution Institute

Mother Theresa



  • Brian Beck

    Brian Beck '10

    Systems Manager
    Jefferson County Mediation Services
    Golden, Colorado
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  • Pearl Bell

    Pearl Bell '05

    Manager of Program Assessments & Evaluations
    The Conflict Center
    Denver, Colorado
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  • Adam Brown

    Adam Brown '10

    Assistant Director of Student Conduct
    University of Denver
    Denver, Colorado

  • Brittany Cassel '11

    Brittany Cassel '11

    Juris Doctorate Candidate
    Duke University
    Durham, North Carolina

  • Christopher Chalberg

    Christopher Chalberg '07

    Conciliation Specialist
    Community Relations
    US Department of Justice
    Denver, Colorado

  • Hafsteinn Hafsteinsonn

    Hafstein Hafsteinsson '10

    Civil Mediator
    The Criminal Justice System of Iceland
    Reykjavik, Iceland
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  • Aneesha Kumar

    Aneesha Kumar '10

    Program Manager for India
    Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy
    Washington, D.C.

  • Kevin Malone

    Kevin Malone '13

    Forelclosure Mediation Program Coordinator
    Resolution Systems Institute
    Chicago, Illinois
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  • Katie Manderson

    Katie Manderson '08

    US agency for International Development
    Washingto DC
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  • Maureen Mayne

    Maureen Mayne '05

    Program Coordinator
    Conflict Prevention
    Port-au-Prince, Haiti

  • Andrew Owsiak

    Andrew Owsiak '05

    PhD, International Affairs Assistant Professor
    University of Georgia
    Athens, Georgia

  • Lindsey Sexton

    Lindsey Sexton '09

    Program Outreach Associate
    Consultative Group on Biological Diversity
    San Francisco, California

  • Elizabeth Welty

    Elizabeth Welty '04

    PhD Candidate
    Human Rights and Social Cohesion
    Queen's University
    Belfast, Northern Ireland
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  • Angela Jo Wolcott

    Angela Jo Wolcott '10

    Program Manager
    Collaborative Decision Resources
    Boulder, Colorado
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  • Kate Zimmerly '09

    Kate Zimmerly '09

    Program Analyst
    Department of Homeland Security
    Washington, D.C.
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