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What can I do with a Conflict Resolution Degree?

Professional positions in the private sector, government, and non-profit fields are suitable for someone with conflict resolution expertise. All of these jobs are growing at an average or faster than average rate according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

According to Cool Careers for Dummies, Mediator was listed 1st among 500 cool careers with potential to make a difference in society.


a third party who helps parties in conflict find solutions to their issues and problems thru non-adversarial approaches: Alternative Dispute Resolution. 

organize people in teamwork, tasks, time-scheduling, and events. Job requires multiple level coordination activity. Positions available in colleges, nonprofits, community affairs, human resources, facilities, telecommuting, and labor relations.

analyze resources, human needs, social-political-economic climate to structure frameworks for the best use of resources in a realistic, mutually acceptable form.

coaching, care-taking, social work, and therapeutic advice to help individuals solve problems they face in interpersonal relations, at the workplace or in schools.

workshop leaders and facilitators for groups of managers and employees in corporate, government, and non-profit work environments who provide training in conflict resolution non-adversarial, Alternative Dispute Resolution, techniques.

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