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The permeation of AI and generative AI use are changing the business model and highlight the growing importance of data-driven decision making. The proliferation of information, data sources and data sharing are bringing into focus the need for better data management and a culture for corporate responsibility for data use in the development of algorithmic business decisions. The objective of this course is to introduce data ethics in the workplace, the impact of individual ethical choices on data and analytics decisions within an organization, and the role business leadership in creating an ethical workplace that enhances companies' reputation and their corporate citizenship in the digital age. At the end of this course, students will be able to: Understand ethics in the workplace and the role that everyone, not only data scientists, plays in the ethical use of data. Describe ethics along the data and analytics lifecycle. Use real use cases to understand how ethics can impact business decisions. Learn tools for business leaders to create and promote an ethical data and analytics practice in the workplace.


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