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Controller's Office

University Accounting and Treasury Services Operations

Mission:  The Controller's Office manages the overall accounting and treasury services operations of the University in accordance with Federal, State, and University policy and procedure, including:

  • Managing internal controls to mitigate risk
  • Ensuring the official accounting records are up-to-date and accurate
  • Safeguarding all assets to minimize risk of financial loss
  • Developing and maintaining robust costing systems and reporting tools to provide high-quality financial information to inform the approval and implementation of strategic initiatives

Vision:  The Controller’s Office will partner with Schools, Colleges and Departments to embrace and successfully achieve the Five Strategic Imperatives of the University of Denver (DU)

Values:  The Controller’s Office strives to live the following values through its work on campus and internally through its actions within the office: 

  • Respect and Integrity – We will treat others as we wish to be treated and will be viewed as honest and forthcoming
  • Accountable and Appreciative:
    • We will hold colleagues accountable, assist in their professional growth, provide tools to become more efficient and independent and demonstrate appreciation when warranted
    • Conversely, we will be receptive to change and suggestions for improvement from colleagues
    • We will strive to ensure all employees feel challenged and valued
  • Nimble – We will be nimble in adapting to internal strategic initiatives and external dynamics
  • Customer Service – We will support the Academic and Research goals of the University so that DU is a global Higher Education leader that serves the public good
  • Honor – We will honor our commitments and conduct business in a manner that promotes excellence, fairness and compassion
  • Encourage – We will foster an environment that encourages diversity, equity and inclusion of thoughts, experiences, and backgrounds and celebrate our successes together


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