Creating a Community of Care

The University of Denver’s vision is to be a great private university dedicated to the public good. The unprecedented challenges of COVID-19 provide us with an opportunity to lean deeply into our vision — taking precautions to care for our own as well as one another’s health and well-being while we support advancement of the public good through education, research, scholarship, creative work and service. For the last nine months, the University has worked to maintain a clear understanding of public health orders issued as a result of the pandemic and to articulate and manifest both individual and collective responsibility on our campus. In this comprehensive document, we provide our return to campus framework inclusive of lessons learned this past fall to apply to winter, produced after very careful consideration and deliberation by 12 Task Forces, multiple working groups and individuals with relevant expertise charged with different dimensions of this ambitious undertaking. This living document is regularly updated as we work alongside and are guided by our health partner, National Jewish Health, scientific leaders, and federal, state, and local public health guidance and state and local public health orders. We are deeply engaged in a range of approaches to support safe and healthy on-campus living, academics and co-curricular experiences for our students, faculty and staff.

Table of Contents

Guiding Principles & Values

Health & Safety

Academics & Research

Campus Life & Co-Curriculars

General Information