Cleaning and Disinfecting in Residential Living

The University has significantly increased its custodial disinfection and cleaning services in all University owned or operated residential communities and across campus. The University has increased staffing to allow for additional disinfection in community restrooms and common areas daily. The frequency of cleaning and disinfection in communal restrooms is up to three times in a 24-hour period. The University will also provide additional cleaning and disinfection of the front/service desks as well as installing plexiglass and implementing distancing guidelines at these locations. The University has purchased additional equipment and technology, including new electrostatic devices to more efficiently disinfect spaces. Additionally, custodial personnel will be disinfecting high touch points daily. Finally, the University is providing disinfection stations with disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers in the communal areas such as lounges, lobbies and community kitchens—these kitchens are located on the first floors of Nagel, Nelson, and the Dimond Family Residential Village. 

Students are strongly encouraged to use these cleaning stations when using these communal activity or study spaces. More information about the University’s protocols for disinfection and cleaning is available here

University owned and/or operated FSL chapter facilities that contract for third party services or provide their own services must demonstrate that those services meet the University’s disinfection and cleaning protocols.