Course Schedules & Modalities

Four modalities will be used for fall 2020 courses: 

  • Online — A class designed from the ground up so all students can engage with the class experience online. These courses may be synchronous (will have days/times published in the schedule of classes) or asynchronous (will not have days/times published in the schedule of classes). None of these classes will be assigned a classroom. 
  • Hybrid — A class that has both in-person and remote learning elements, with the frequency of in-person learning based on instructional needs. Hybrid courses will require students to be on campus and face-to-face for a portion of their coursework and engage with the remainder remotely. Specific frequency of in-person class meetings will vary by course, but generally the course will meet in person at least one day per week. The other days the course may meet online synchronously (the other day(s) of the week will be published in the schedule of classes) or asynchronously (the other days of the week will not be published in the schedule of classes). 
  • Hyflex — A class that is taught as in-person and online simultaneously and is considered multi-modal, such that each student can either choose their mode of engagement in the course for the day, or will be assigned a mode of engagement for that day by their instructor. That is, in some cases, students can choose to attend face-to-face meetings or participate fully online, and they may be able to choose to go back-and-forth between these different modes of participation throughout the duration of the course. In other cases, students will be assigned a day to participate in person. Classes are conducted with high interactivity for both in-person and online students simultaneously, where cameras and microphones are set up in the room and with students to promote seamless interaction. 
  • In-person — A class for which there is at least some essential material that can be acquired only through in-person attendance. All in-person face-to-face classes and the in-person portions of hybrid classes will be streamed and/or recorded to allow students who become ill or who need to self-isolate temporarily or who cannot attend for some other short-term reason to keep up and continue to make progress. Instructors, however, will not be expected to engage online students as if the course were a hyflex course. Video recordings are in place to help students who need a temporary adjustment to attending their face-to-face classes. 

The current schedule of classes provides the class modality so that continuing students may review this information and determine whether they wish to adjust their schedules, and incoming first-year students may create their schedule with the knowledge of each course modality. 

In-person classes are scheduled in rooms and meeting spaces that can accommodate the class size with social distancing following state public health orders and guidelines from the Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE). Under current requirements, classes in regular sized rooms are capped at 50 students. Classes held in “extra-large” spaces may be capped at 100. DU has very few spaces that qualify as “extra-large.” Students and faculty must wear face coverings in the classroom, and classrooms will be altered so that students may remain physically distanced (six feet apart) from other individuals in the room. 

Additional information on courses, pedagogy, and other teaching-related content can be found in the Teaching Support and Course Guidelines sections.