Creative & Performing Arts

Lamont & Theatre 

Community safety and our commitment to instructional excellence require a prioritization of all performance activities. Instructional space is being reconfigured, and safety protocols are being developed to focus on our students while promoting safety for our faculty, staff and students. As such, all student productions and recitals will be closed to the public and University community. On-campus summer workshops and events hosted by Lamont were cancelled. Plans to continue our existing partnerships with members of the Denver community are currently under review to see if they can proceed safely this fall. 


The decision to cancel the Newman Center for Performing Arts spring season was made in mid-March 2020, and patrons were notified and refunded for the cancelled performances. The fall season was subsequently cancelled on June 30, 2020, and patrons were notified July 9. Since March patrons were emailed once a week with information on live-streaming of artist events, including Lamont and other DU departments (such as the Community + Values Initiative Zoom webinars) in order to maintain a connection with the DU community. 

In order to advance the educational outreach commitment of the NCPA in March and April, the Newman Center collaborated with the Morgridge College of Education to put together music curriculum that could be used remotely by parents in Denver Public Schools. 


Initially closed to the public in March, access to the Vicki Myhren Gallery continues to be limited. A few controlled showings have and will continue to be held to support the creative work of our faculty and community members. Other campus exhibits, including the Anthropology Department hosting an art exhibit with the Indigenous Film Festival, have been moved to virtual events.