DU ID Card Office

Card access is required for campus buildings. The DU ID Card Office is currently open Monday and Thursdays from 9am-noon. Any community member needing a replacement ID can visit the office. Faculty, staff and returning students can also email pcard@du.edu to request a replacement card. Replacement cards will be printed with the existing photo in the system and mailed via USPS. New incoming students are encouraged to submit an online photo via PioneerWeb. DU community members may also request an alternate card design. Requests for this type of card can be made in person or by sending an email to pcard@du.edu. All email requests should include the community member’s name and DU ID number. 

The staff will print Pioneer ID cards for incoming students throughout the summer. Pioneer ID Cards will be distributed to new undergraduates during Discoveries. Graduate departments can email the card office to plan for card pick-up during graduate orientation. The office will be open during move-in hours and patrons will be expected to wear face coverings, except when being photographed. Only one person will be allowed in the Pioneer ID Card Office at any one time.