Guiding Principles & Values

The University of Denver is committed to a proactive, inclusive, and supportive response to COVID-19 that honors our vision as a private university dedicated to the public good.

Beginning with our first decision to recall students who were studying abroad and moving through lifting finals and then spring courses online, we have maintained a commitment to the safety of our students, staff, and faculty, to excellence in the educational experience, and to our community’s health and wellbeing. We moved quickly and effectively online – maintaining many aspects of our high-touch teacher-scholar model -- with the deep engagement of faculty and students.

Because an in-person class experience resonates with our community and core mission, we have worked diligently to prepare the community to return in the fall with adaptations that prioritize health, safety, and well-being while on campus. We continue to refine these plans with the thoughtful input of our task forces, the deep engagement with scientific and industry insights, with the guidance of our health partner, National Jewish Health, in collaboration with other higher education institutions in Colorado, and following federal, state, and local public health guidance and state and local public health orders.

The most up-to-date information, additional supporting documentation, and FAQs which are broadly relevant can be found at the University’s COVID-19 website, and information specific to our internal community can be found on our COVID-19 Portfolio page.