Housing Following Illness

The public health practice to contain the spread of COVID-19 is to identify individual(s) who may have been exposed to those who have contracted COVID-19. The University will assist state and local public health officials working with DU community members who test positive for COVID-19 to identify the individuals who they may have exposed to the virus. The University (and the public health officials) will not share the names of DU community members who test positive for COVID-19. However, those who are informed that they have been exposed to the virus must quarantine for 14 days, unless they qualify for earlier quarantine release.

As described below, the University has reserved an entire on-campus apartment building to isolate and/or quarantine students with an active HRE housing contract. Students will be quarantined in a number of other university-owned properties. We will fill spaces closest to campus and fill out as the need for quarantine space rises. Students must comply with University officials’ directives regarding isolation and quarantine (For more information about contact tracing, please visit the CDC website).

Isolation and Quarantine Spaces for Students

The University will use the entire Hilltop Apartments on campus as well as spaces in Auraria as necessary to isolate students who test positive who have an active HRE housing contract for the 2020-2021 academic year. In addition, the University is researching available third-party disinfection services that students who live in University contracted off-campus properties can contract with in the event of exposure to COVID-19 in those facilities.  https://www.du.edu/housing/resources/isolation-quarantine_info.html

Questions about Q and Iso

Overall point of contact for Iso/Q, now referred to as the COVID-19 Information Hub is via email to COVIDcoordinator@du.edu or by call or text to 303.656.7137.

Housing Protocol team:

Please direct inquiries on these topics to these better, faster resources:

  • report COVID, urgent assistance: 303.871.COVD, reportCOVID@du.edu
  • medical/health: DU HCC  303.871.2205  (has after hours, urgent option)
  • I/Q process and release info: 303.656.7137; covidcoordinator@du.edu; (Housing team carries out instructions; doesn’t make the decisions about when/whether to release students!)
  • meal orders for students ordered to I/Q: https://udenver.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cByPwLC1m0uRhad (must be placed by 2pm for following day)
  • needed items request: www.tinyurl.com/qirequest (NOTE: Students/families were instructed this summer to prepare a go-bag; students being moved are sent a packing list; and we provide a goody bag with basic essentials for the temp space)

Students who have independently found housing off-campus (who do not have a valid HRE housing contract) are responsible for locating and paying for any isolation or quarantine space as needed. To assist students with this effort, the University has identified and negotiated reduced rates with certain off-campus lodging options. The University will provide more information on the off-campus housing website found here. One exception to this from fall to winter/spring is that residential FSL students are now *required* to isolate and quarantine at a location determined by the University and not within the house.